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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday {8}

Friday I was thankful for my Aunt Lavon who took the time to come and visit us! 

Saturday I was thankful for my Aunt who watched Ariana while I did a little shopping with friends.

Sunday I was thankful for a pretty awesome 3rd birthday party with Ariana.

Monday I was thankful for all the new birthday presents Ariana got. You could tell she needed new toys, those old ones were getting boring.

Tuesday I was thankful for my friend Maggie who I always can count on to be there for me. To be an ear to listen to me, laugh with me, and give me her advice. 

Wednesday I was thankful for all the wonderful experiences we had when we lived in England (2004-2007). All the places we went, the foods we ate, the friends we made! I was having an especially good time reminiscing about all my favorite English foods: Jaffa cakes, scotch eggs, Pimms and cornish pasties!

Today I was thankful for the past 3 years that I have gotten to stay at home with Ariana. Today was her first day at German preschool and it went splendid! 

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  1. mmm reading your post has made me want to pop out to the shops and get some Jaffa Cakes! I live in England and even i haven't had any in a lonnng while! & have to agree on the Cornish pasties too! nom nom! :)
    Glad Ariana had a good day at pre-school! :) x

  2. It's good to think about being grateful. I keep a gratitude diary. ;-)