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Monday, December 12, 2011

75 Stocking Stuffers For Kids

I was thinking of things to put in Ariana's stocking the other day, and then a friend of mine posted asking for advice for stocking stuffers for her little boy and I was coming up with ideas. I decided to share them here too! This list is for boys and girls probably ranging from age 1 - 5.

Stocking stuffer ideas for little ones.

1. foam soap
2. barrel of monkeys
3. character socks
4. crayons
5. mini books
6. little cars
7. toothbrush
8. magic washcloth
9. hairbows
10. flashcards
11. dress up crown
12. train whistle
13. colored bubbles
14. playdough
15. hat/mittens
16. dress up jewelry
17. bath crayons
18. glitter glue
19. spinning top
20. CD of kid songs
21. harmonica
22. stickers
23. kalidescope
24. watercolor paints
25. character fork and spoon
26. temporary tattoos
27. curly straws
28. small flashlight (you'd be surprised, explorer, doctor, shadow maker, cat annoying toy and dentist toy rolled into one)
29. bubble bath
30. mini puzzle
31. letter magnets/foam letters
32. finger puppets
33. animal masks
34. stamps
35. fun bandaids
36. sunglasses
37. growing dinosaur
38. toy baby bottle
39. mini tools 
40. candy canes
41. small doll
42. rubber duck
42. silly putty
43. cookie cutter (for helping mom and dad make cookies)
44. Barbie
45. action figures
46. wind up toys
47. earmuffs
48. pez
49. viewmaster slides
50. echo microphone
51. matchbox cars
52. go fish card game
53. punch ball
54. bath fizzers
55. bird whistle
56. sidewalk chalk
57. little people
58. dinosaurs
59. grabber hand
60. mini magna doodle
61. personalized cup
62. bouncy balls
63. glow in the dark star stickers
64. kid scissors (Ariana loves to cut now)
65. bendy characters
66. purse
67. mini tractors
68. markers
69. foam airplanes
70. small snow globe
71. doll clothes
72. play shaving kit
73. fuzzy slippers
74. fruit snacks
75. handwritten letter from Santa

Maybe this is helpful to a few of you out there. Stockings were always one of my favorite things. I still love to get/give them with my family. Sometimes they can be a challenge to find little things to fill them with though. Happy Holidays!

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  1. I need to save this list for when I have kids. So many good things!

  2. And Glow in the Dark stars for the bedroom ceiling, farm animals, small (hand knitted) soft toy, a piece of dolls house furniture, stampers, stickers, piece of fruit, little colouring book, small book (Mr Man), flannel, pants...
    Good list!

  3. There are definitely some fun ideas here..but I am really liking this list of Creative Stocking Stuffers for Kids that you should definitely check out and add your ideas's a bit more visually friendly :) But great ideas! Thanks for sharing...I will definitely be getting a few from this list!