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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Project 64

I can't believe Project 64 has come to an end.

In case you missed project 64, you can check out their blog here, or I can break it down really fast for you. Each week they pulled a crayon from a 64 count box of Crayola crayons. The challenge was to find that color and photograph it each week. Fun huh?!

See all my Project 64 photograph posts including my book I made as well as each post larger and the inspiration behind each color.

My photos were taken with my Nikon D7000 camera and the following lenses - 70-210 zoom lens (great for capturing things far away), 18-105mm kit lens (good for everyday photography), 105mm micro lens (great for up close shots) and my beloved 50mm lens (great for getting that perfect focal point)

If you've kept up with me the past 64 weeks, thank you! It's been fun searching for the colors each week and it'll be a habit that I'll have a hard time breaking. This project has been a great way to capture my surroundings and expand my photography skills.

Project 64 has taken me a long way from when I started.

I've taken P64 photos all around the world: 
Germany (around my home, Bavaria, and Berlin)
Florida (Miami and Key West)
Florence, Italy
Paris, France
Prague, Czech Republic
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

I've taken lots of animals:
 2 horses
2 butterflies
sea lion
and a snail

Fruits and vegetables:
2 apples
zucchini flowers
and mushrooms

8 flowers
and the ocean

2 famous walls:
Berlin Wall and John Lennon Wall

And lots of random things:
a map, basket, and a door handle
Ariana and myself
coffee beans, paint, and mouthwash
tea, play dough, and a flag
a bicycle, signs and trinkets
fire, balloons and boardgames
money, popsicles and acrobats
paint, rust, and beer bottles

I can truly say I have loved this project.Project 64 has been an exciting ride. I'm sad to see it go.

If these are new to you, or you want to see my photos larger, check them out by clicking my p64 link for each post and a description about each photo when it was taken.

Thank you to Brooke and all the other ladies who hosted Project 64, and for everyone who played along. I've loved this project!

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1 comment:

  1. I loved doing it also, even though I didn't always find an object for the week's color.