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Thursday, June 21, 2012

You Know You're Stationed in Germany When...


Living in Germany is a truly unique experience. Richard and I have been living here for over a year and a half now. I thought it would be fun to put together a list that talks about some of the things we experience over here. I've heard of all of these and experienced all but 1 or 2 myself. Some of these are annoying, shocking, funny or just plain different from what we're used to. But, it's all in good fun and part of the joy and experience of living overseas.

Life is all about making memories and having a good time together and part of my reason for making this list is to have it to look back on later. If you live or have lived in Germany I'm sure you can relate to many of these items on the list. Enjoy!


You know you're living in Germany when...

- You ask for water at a restaurant and it's carbonated. Eww.

- It costs more to call your neighbor than it does to call your family back in America.

- Most houses don't have A/C.

- You've discovered the joys of the shelf in your toilet. (If you live here, you know what I mean)

- You've fried one (or more) of your electronics. RIP flatiron.

- You have gotten lost (even with a GPS) trying to get to a friends house. I swear I don't know how anybody gets around this country without a GPS.

- You have to pay to use a shopping cart.

- You see children as young as 4 walking home along, and crossing, busy streets after preschool.

- Your house doesn't have any closets. You have to buy or rent wardrobes.

- You've bought a flight to Paris for less than it takes to fill your car with gas.

- If it's sunny outside you go out right then because if you go change your clothes, chances are the sunshine will be replaced with rain and you'll have missed out.

- You have lugged 25 pound transformers up and down your stairs just to use an American appliance in your kitchen.

- You've been trapped in a store if you didn't buy anything because of the Do Not Enter doors at the registers and entrances.

- You discover a sex shop next to a children's store.

- People scowl at you if you try to give a friendly wave.

- You can be driving 100 mph on the autobahn and people are still flying around you fast enough to make your car shake.

- People bring their dogs into nice restaurants.

- You've been warned not to do yard work on a Sunday or you will be reported to the Polezei.

- Light switches for your bathroom are on the outside. (This is especially fun if you have little ones and company comes over!)

- You never get ice in your drink.

- You have to bring your own bags and bag your own groceries at the store.

- Leaving a tip at a restaurant can be seen as rude.

- The refrigerator in your kitchen is about the size of the one in your old college dorm room.

- German M&M's don't taste the same as American ones. Neither does Diet Coke.

- You can't stand the taste of watery American beer now and only want European beer.

- You've cooked a big Thanksgiving meal in your tiny German oven - one dish at a time.

- You've have to pay to use a public restroom.

- You've had friends say to you "If people aren't rude, it's not Germany"

- You live next door to a horse, cow, chicken, duck or camel, in a town.

- When you say "Sprechen zie English" every single person says "a little" but then carries on a conversation fluently.

- You've gotten stuck behind a 90 year old riding a bicycle on the road, more than once.

- You've bought fresh delicious German pretzels out of a vending machine at the grocery store for practically pocket change.

- At first you hated them but know you've come to love your rolladens (metal window shades) when you find out the sun rises at 5 am in the summer in Germany. Every house everywhere should have those!


Have anything to add? 
If you live here, or have lived here, I'd love to hear your memories. Things you miss or DON'T miss let me know!!

**Photo is one I took looking down on our village at sunset.

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1 comment:

  1. Many facts are so different from here, so true. But I must share some of them are ones I've experienced in Indiana-
    One must insert 25 cents in a slot to get a shopping cart, but you get it back if you return the cart where it belongs.
    Also at Aldi's one bags his/her own groceries, either in own bags or pay for paper bags.
    My grandmother's home had no closets when they moved into it, but it was said that it was a brothel when the Wabash River was the main transportation into Vincennes.
    In my cousin's home the bathroom light switch for the powder room is on the outside.
    Some cities are allowing chickens to be raised in urban areas (not here yet).
    The vista is quite lovely.