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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Summer Goals Revisited!

 At the beginning of the summer, I created this checklist of things I wanted to do while in the States. Today, I'm looking back at how I did. We did a lot! It was a fun summer that ended with a beautiful marriage of my best friend!

Summer Checklist:

  1. Sidewalk Chalk.
  2. Ride bicycles.
  3. Photo walks. >>> See them Here and Here
  4. Drive-in Movie Night. >>> It was fun to say we did it but not that great.
  5. Spa Day with my Sister. >>> Best pedicures.
  6. Shopping day with my Mom.
  7. Build-A-Bear. >>> See photos of Cleverbelle Here
  8. Miami Zoo. >>> See us feeding giraffes here
  9. Sushi night.
  10. Shop for Ariana's school clothes.
  11. Everglades Air Boat Ride. >>> Up close and personal with Alligators Here
  12. See as much friends and family as I can!
  13. Date night with my Husband.  >>> Fun Double Date
  14. Suspension Show and Tattoo Expo. >>> Didn't make it with my inlaws there that weekend.
  15. Waterpark/Splash Park
  16. Beach (a few times)  >>> Only went once but it was fun!
  17. Flamingo Garden or Butterfly Garden. >>> We went to Gumbo Limbo Nature Reserve instead. 
  18. Drive to Georgia. >>> Home.
  19. Drive to South Carolina. >>> 11 hour road trip.
  20. Eat at Pearl's, my favorite restaurant in Savannah. >>> Best seafood ever.
  21. Be a bridesmaid in my best friends wedding.  >>>  I posted some wedding photos here.
  22. Shop for Ariana's ballet, gymnastics and tap leotards and shoes. >>> She's going to be the cutest ballerina!
  23. Swim in the pool as much as possible. >>> Of course!
  24. Hibachi dinner. >>> Worst Hibachi experience ever, not worth it.
  25. Read 3 books. >>> Only made it through 1.
  26. Get my camera cleaned. >>> Annoyed  I didn't get this done.
  27. Beach sunset/sunrise shoot.
  28. Celebrate my Birthday with my whole family! >>> 28th Birthday, 28 Random Things About Me.
  29. Archery or Paintball.
  30. Fro-yo and Jamba Juice.
And lastly I'll leave you with the last of our summer collages. See the others here.
1. Passing on the peace along the interstate between Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. 2. Peeking into the backseat. 3. Jamba Juice!. 4. Our Peace note. 5. Grammy and Ariana. 6. Riding my sisters bike.

1. Ariana and Paco traveling. 2. Ariana at Monkey Joes with Aunt Sarah. 3. Silly photos with her Aunt Sarah.

1. Getting fitted for her tap and ballet shoes. 2. Sisters on a road trip. 3. Ariana's first Jamba Juice. 4. Balloon butterfly at dinner out.

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