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Friday, January 11, 2013

My Project 64 Photo Book

I made a book. 

I sure did and it's lovely.

Here it is in all it's colorful glory! You may remember my Project 64 photography project I completed in 2012. I absolutely adored this project and wish I could find one I loved as much. After I finished it I wanted to a make a coffee table book out of all my photos to document the journey. I used Snapfish and waited until they had a sale on their photo books. I got a pretty good deal.

The hardest part was going through and putting each photo in chronological order. I save the photos by color name so that got a little tedious but other than that I got this done in no time. Plus it was fun to look over my progress and changes in style as time when on. Some weeks were more technical than others and some weeks I was more focused on matching the color exactly.

My book is a 8.5x11 custom cover book. I used the studio theme which kept it a simple black and white and I could change up the photo sizes. Mostly I left my photos big. At the bottom or on the side, depending on the layout, I wrote the color and a little bit about each photo. It ended up being 66 pages all together.

So now I have this pretty coffee table book for people to look at when they come over. I'm sure after a while I'll add it to the bookshelf but for now I'm enjoying showing it off!

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  1. I loved the Project 64 as well! This is a beautiful product of your amazing work Cat! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Beautiful book! Not feels as good as holding a years worth of effort and creativity in your hands. I'm glad to hear that you will be able to hold on to the lessons you learned we'll into the future. congrats!