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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

BOY or GIRL? A look at old wives tales.

When it comes to pregnancy everyone wants to guess what you are having. I have so much fun playing around with old wives tales and seeing the boy and girl gender results. Here is my list of old wives tales I did for this pregnancy and what they revealed.

Chinese Calendar - GIRL
Mayan Calendar - GIRL
Key theory- BOY
Baking Soda test - BOY, GIRL. I did this twice and it came out different each time.
Ring test - BOY
Cravings theory - BOY, GIRL
Skin theory- BOY
Morning Sickness theory - BOY
Dad's Weight theory - BOY
Baby's heart rate theory - GIRL
Spit in water test - GIRL

In case you aren't familiar with some of the test, here is what they are:

Baking Soda (this was new to me, you pour your pee on baking soda if it fizzes it's a boy, if not it's a girl)
Ring Test (hang your wedding ring over your belly, if it goes in a circle it's a girl, straight line it's a boy)
Key test (whether you pick up a key with the round part or the pointy part) 
Cravings, if it's salty or sour it's a boy, sweet it's a girl.
If your skin is the same or better it's a boy. If it's worse it's a girl.
If you have bad morning sickness it's a girl, if not it's a boy.
If Dad is gaining weight along with you it's a girl, if not it's a boy.
If the babies heart rate is over 140 bpm it's a girl, if it's lower it's a boy.
If you spit in water and it floats it's a girl, if it sinks it's a boy.

Ha! I just realized it's 7 for boy and 6 for girl. So it just proves how much weight you can put into these tests, but they are still fun to do.

When I polled our friends on my personal facebook, the majority of guesses was for another girl.

Check back soon for my gender reveal post!!

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