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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pregnancy Patrol

I live with the pregnancy patrol. Yep, that's what we call our four year old who feels like she's in charge. She can be pretty bossy at times and now it's double the fun now that I'm pregnant and she is always being on the lookout for me and baby brother.

Here are some of the conversations we've had around here lately.
 I give you The Pregnancy Patrol.


(At dinner, I couldn't eat all of what I dipped)
Me: "Ugh, I'm full"
Ariana: "Well even if you aren't hungry, you still need to eat so your baby can grow up."


(Driving in the car doing errands and she's getting mints out of my purse in the backseat)
Me: "Can you pass me a mint tic-tac, please?"
Ariana: "I don't think you should have one, mint isn't good for babies."


(Me commenting on my growing belly one night to Richard)
Me: "Oh my belly button is starting to feel weird.


(While shopping for baby clothes, Ariana pointing out an outfit)
Me: "No, let's don't buy that one, I don't think it's very cute."
Ariana: "Mommy, that's because boy clothes aren't as cute. We just have to buy it anyways."


and finally I hear this all the time. Randomly. All the time. It makes me laugh.

Ariana: "That's not good for pregnants"

I should state that the way she says pregnant sounds more like preg-ah-nents. It's all hilariously funny to me and I'm happy that she's so sweet and wants me to stay safe and healthy, although sometimes a mama just wants to do what a mama wants to do. 

(photos from our backyard on Mother's Day, 23 weeks pregnant)

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  1. aww Congratulations (sorry I'm late to the congrats party!) I love her theory on little boy clothes haha