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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello Third Trimester!

This past weekend I hit my 28 week mark. This means I'm officially in my third trimester with this Little Mister! Hooray! It's exciting to be here again and I'm starting to really look pregnant and I love it!

What's going on with baby?
He is measuring 30 weeks and his heart-rate is 144.
He is growing a lot lately and starting to add some fat so he'll have those cute baby cheeks! His eyesight is developing and he will start being able to see the light filtering through the womb. He's also been getting to taste to foods I've been eating and his sense of smell is developing. Billions of neurons are developing in his brain right now! He's about the size of an eggplant according to the bump. He weights around 2.5 pounds and measures between 13.6 to 14.8 inches from head to heel!

What's going on with Mommy?
It's been sunny and hot this week. By hot I mean in the 90's which has been just horrible. Not to mention the fact that (most) houses in Germany don't have air conditioning and I've been a bit miserable! Other than that I've actually been feeling my best lately. Some of my other pregnancy complaints have gone away. We've had a few bumps in the road but my doctors are monitoring me and all is still on track. I still wake up to pee several times a night and have been having noticeable Braxton Hicks since at least 16 weeks. Some days are worse than others but I've been trying to rest a lot and drink lots of water.

What's going on with big sister?
She's still SUPER excited! She loves to shop for baby - whether it's a new cute onsie or a rattle, she wants to buy it. She happily helps me around the house, especially picking things up off the floor that are harder for me to reach now. She loves rubbing my belly, reading and singing to her brother, and feeling the kicks. She is always talking about all the things she's going to teach him and help him with.

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