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Monday, February 10, 2014

Tübingen Chocolate Festival

I'm a little behind on posting the adventures we've been having. With a new baby and a kindergartener, being a room mom for school, and working part time for The Shopping Mama on top of regular mom/military wife duties I was starting to feel stretched too thin. By the start of Christmas break I was struggling to keep up. I wasn't finding a good balance and it was wearing me out.

 Once Ariana was out of school for Christmas, I basically shut down and spent more time focusing on me and us. I spent a lot of time just grounding myself at home with my kids and husband. Finding the right balance is still a struggle but I'm hoping to "catch up" on a few things on the blog. I like this place to keep a record of our life. Not only for our family back in USA but also for me to look back on.

In December we took an overnight trip to Tübingen to the Chocolate Festival. It was a much needed little getaway. It was a 3 hour drive away, and we stayed at a local military base hotel but sleeping somewhere new, tasting lots of chocolates and just getting some space from our day to day routine was exactly what we needed. Because Richard still had to work we only went for one night. We had such a good time and tried some new foods too!

Here is a collection of photos from our trip.

 Lights on the houses make them look a little bit like gingerbread houses. 

Decorating with chocolate.

Seriously THE BEST cup of hot chocolate I have EVER tasted in my life.

More lit up houses.

Chocolate covered fruit.

Chocolate on homemade potato chips. Salty and sweet, oh my!! Perfection!

Judah on his first overnight away from home. Milk drunk in the morning on our bed while we were packing. 3 Months old!

Lola our Elf came to visit us in the hotel and brought Ariana a little chocolate bear.

We woke up the next morning and went back to the chocolate festival to see more.

This was an interesting concoction of noodles, sauerkraut and ham? First bite was interesting but the taste grew on you.

Sauerkraut noodles, hot chocolate and chocolate beer!

All kinds of chocolate treats for sale! We had a few different items from different booths. There were vendors from all over the world!

This chocolate with the orange slices was delicious and one of our favorites!

More of the best hot chocolate. Pretty much melted chocolate in a cup!

Eating a brat, and proof that Judah was there all bundled up!

If you're stationed in Germany I would recommend taking a day trip or overnight trip to the "World Famous Chocolate Festival" although I admit I'd never heard about it until this year.

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  1. It is so exciting to look at everything you get to experience. Thank you for posting. I would be trying to figure out how to make all the goodies I had tasted. It must have been lots of fun.