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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lovely Amy...lovely boxes...lovely feet

I came home to find this lovely goodie in my mail box! :) Amy from Finding Everything Lovely made it as a gift for me! She's such a sweetheart! I LOVE it Amy, thank you SOOO much!!!

 It's a camera case, it fits my camera perfectly!! :)

 I love the yarn she used, and the yellow button to close it! She even lined the inside with soft fabric! :) It's awesome, I'm in love with it! Thank you again Amy! :)

 I'm also excited that I found these boxes for storage. I've been looking for these types of boxes for a few years now, but everytime I found some they were too expensive. I found these at Walmart for a good price, so I snagged a few for my craft room. I was so happy to finally find these!


They should help organize some of this clutter that I've accumulated over the past 7 years of craft stuff I've accumulated!

haha don't judge me! I might need to go get some more boxes huh? This is only one side of my craft cabinet in my craft room. It was organized at one point, I promise!

Today was a pretty good day so far, except for one thing. On the way back from shopping (and getting my awesome boxes!) we hit a pothole. Now, these things aren't normal pot holes. These pot holes are horrible after the snow and ice tears up the roads EVERY winter. These things are MONSTERS! They are hard to avoid. You regularly find ones that measure 1 foot deep and 3 feet wide. Yea, try to avoid those suckers! Usually I am able to stradle them, or know where the worst spots are to avoid, but this was unavoidable! We hit it very hard and must have just hit it at the wrong spot because a few minutes later my tire light came on. (Great) Now, I have a flat tire. Second flat tire in 2 years on a new car, is ridiculus! Of course my tires are special tires (I had to get the fancy package haha!) and so they are more costly than other tires. Ho-hum....on top of that my husband's car is having trouble this week too and needs some bolts replaced. Just wanted to vent a little about how annoyed I was with the City of Omaha and their crappy roads that they refuse to do anything about. Now, I'm done!

But on a brighter note, I'll end this post with my picture from my 365 from yesterday!

:) My daughters feet shot. Starting her young!


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  1. I need some of those boxes for a lot of my stuff.

    I love that pic of your dd feet!

  2. The feet picture is adorable (so is the camera case). I can't wait until I can have my own crafty space. I am not even taking my craft stuff with me when I move, simply because there won't be room. I am taking my needles, though, so if I want to buy something to work on at some point, I can.

  3. Oh, for the love of flat tires! I hit what looked like part of a curb in the road on my way to work, and had a flat tire when I went to my car after work. I love the picture of your daughter it is really, really cute!

  4. Thanks for including me in your blog! Your pictures of it are really good! The color is pretty much right on! :) Very glad you liked it!

    That sucks about your tire! booooooo! I hit a pot hole the other day but luckily my tire survived in tact. So sorry you had to replace yours. :( But. Your daughter's feet are cute! ha ha ha. Yay for starting her out young!

  5. that camera case is so lovely! oh, and i wish i could come over and help you organize. i LOVE organizing scrap stuff. :))