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Thursday, March 11, 2010

48 hour Mini Giveaway!!

Remember my post about Wreck This Journal from earlier today? Well, guess what?! I'M GIVING ONE AWAY!!! :) 

(haha I look a little crazy!!)
Yep, this is a mini (48 hour) giveaway! 

I know a few readers thought it would be fun to have one, and I wish I could send one out to everyone who wants one, but I'm only giving away ONE. I know some of you  already have one, but it could be a fun gift to give, so even if you have one, you can still enter to win. 

**To enter: All you have to do is post a comment below!
(Since this is a mini giveaway, I'm only accepting one entry per person.)

The giveaway will end Friday (12th) at 5 pm (central time). That's only about 48 hours from now! 
I'll post the winner later that night!

And, some of you asked if I was going to be posting my progress along the way. The answer is yes, I'll be blogging my journal's demise!  I'm sure there will be lots of pictures to share of what all I put my journal through. I'm excited and nervous to get started. I hope whoever wins the journal will share their journals progress too!

Good luck!! :)


P.S. It's MS Awareness Week, and Jamie over at Inspired Mess is having a giveaway every day this week!! She's been posting great information and videos about MS to help everyone become more informed! I myself have donated a lovely painting to be part of her giveaway! Be sure to look for it later this week!
Here is Giveaway Day 3!

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  1. ooooooo! i want one, i want one. :D

  2. I've seen many pictures of this journal on Flickr and also some on Amazon and was actually thinking of buying one -- so I'm more than happy that I found this giveaway! Thank you for the chance!!!

  3. very cool giveaway!!! :D


  4. What a great giveaway! You are awesome! I would love to play with one of these journals! Sounds like a lot of fun! : )

  5. Oh my goodness...I definitely need to get one of these!!!

  6. yeyeyeye, this is so cute!
    love it :)

  7. enter me please - I'd love a journal like this!

  8. I saw this journal on your previous post, it looks intriguing, I loved the flickr pics that you found for inspiration! Have a lovely evening!

  9. What a cool giveaway! :)
    I enjoy reading your blog, altough I rarely comment. I will need to start commenting more. :)

  10. aw yay! i've always wanted that!

  11. oh put me in the draw please, it looks fun x

  12. oooh i'm first! this would be soo much fun to ruin, and a cool souvenir of my last 2 months in france. *fingers crossed...!

  13. ive been googling like crazy about this book. cant wait to see how you "wreck it"

  14. great giveaway!!!! me want :D


  15. Wow - can you actually burn the page without destroying your journal?! this journal sounds like it would not only be a good way to exit your comfort zone, but also a good stress reliever!! how exciting!

  16. Thank you for the comment; YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ALSO!

    Love the blog. Pretty awesome giveaway. :)

  17. You are so sweet to be giving one away.

    I can't wait to see your posts on your journal.

  18. Thats a really cool Journal!

  19. i think i missed the deadline by 58 minutes :(
    i guess that's okay since i won the last giveaway but you always have such good ones!!