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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It's March! A new month, a new beginning! Let's make it lucky!

 I wanted to share with y'all  this clover heart picture that I took last Spring in Georgia (aka my home state, for those of you that didn't know).

I have set a few goals that I want to accomplish this month.

March Goals:

1. Take 1 roll of film on my 50mm camera. (I'm hoping I won't be able to stop at one roll and that I'll keep it up).

To inspire myself a little I did some shopping in Amy's Etsy shop Camera Candy. I'm not ashamed to bribe myself a little! She has some super cute stuff to help make your camera's cute! I already posted about the cute camera bag she made for me for my point and shoot! Here are my most recent goodies...

 Camera strap and lens pouch

 super cute!

 My camera looks so cute and girly now!

 All I need now is some new film! Thanks again Amy, you rock!

2. Make something orange for Jamie's MS awareness giveaway.
This got done yesterday! :) Jamie, I'm going to email you and email about it shortly.

3. Start taking Ariana to the storytime at the library.
She is a serious bookworm. Her current favorite book is Where the Wild Things Are. We read it at least twice a day! She loves it! My favorite line is: The wild things cried "oh please don't go - we'll eat you up - we love you so". But Max said "No". It's her favorite too, she always says "no" when we turn to that page

4. Set aside one night a week to read my book and make myself go to bed early.

5. Send out LOTS of Happy Mail! :)
I'm not saying any more than that, I don't want to ruin anyone's surprises! :)

6. Walk more.
Now that the weather is getting nicer, I want to get out more. I got rid of my old ratty shoes and got myself some much needed new shoes. I also splurged on a Nike+ to monitor how far I walk...and maybe even run!

 I was taking a picture of my shoes, and then...

 I was bombarded! My cat Ely, just insisted on being in the pictures and got right up in my camera!

 Such a camera hog!

I think he was jealous of the shoes getting all the attention!

And lastly, I'll end on #7, you know, cause it's a lucky number and all! :)

7. I'm in the midst of planning something for my blog readers. I'm not saying anything else about it, but I think it's going to be fun! I'll post more later on in the month!

Happy March everyone! 


P.S. I might not be blogging much until I get my computer back. But, I'll still be reading, so keep the cute blogs coming!

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  1. I love it!! Happy March and great goals! Good luck love!

  2. oh your camera does look girly! Your cat looks like Caleigh. I can't wait to here more about your surprise!


  3. Your cat is so stinken cute. :) J and I have a cat we resuced, but she is very much an outdoor only cat. :)

  4. love your cat! (: oh and the camera strap is to die for, so adorable!

  5. Great goals for the new month! And your cat is so adorable! Those pictures make me smile.

  6. Those sound like awesome goals to me! Buying pretty new shoes always seems to motivate me to put 'em on and get my booty moving :)

  7. i can't wait for your announcement! ely is so cute! an i loove that first photo of the green heart.

  8. Great goals!!

    I can't wait to read about your announcemet --:D

    Did you see those sock monkeys that i linked you to?

  9. cute cat! i love that camera strap, i'd never thought to knit or crochet one!

  10. i love my camera strap and i have 2 pouches! i love them! they are awesome and super comfy! you will love them!

  11. these are awesome goals! way to be positive :)

  12. exciting month! i've got to add "answer your formspring camera question" in a post to my list for the month...
    also looking forward to new and lovely things. i'm thinking about having my first giveaway, but am not sure what... any suggestions?

  13. I love your new shoes! I hope you are enjoying them :) The camera strap and lens case are so cute. Im glad you got those colors :D Ely, that cat is a mess lol. I cant wait to hear about story time at the library. I know she will love that!

  14. YOU ARE SO SWEET FOR GIVING ME A SHOUT OUT ON YOUR BLOG!!!!!! oh my goodness. You made me smile!!! I really hope you enjoy your yummy camera candy. :) That tweed strap was my absolute favorite. :) It looks SO super sweet on a film camera!!! so awesome! :) Yippee! :) HAPPY!

  15. just stopped by to take a peek...i absolutely love the heart photo. Thanks for sharing!
    Beautiful pictures in your work:)