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Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring: flowers, wreath, and FITBF

Look what is blooming at our house! Aren't they pretty! I can't believe they are already blooming since it's only just started to feel Springy around here. I have no idea what they are, they must have been planted by the people who owned the house before us. A nice surprise for me, they didn't bloom last year!

Smelling the flowers :)

In honor of Spring finally being here, I decided to make a Spring wreath. I wanted to use up some random things I had around my house, mostly things left over from Ariana's birthday party.

 Spring ribbon made into a bow

And are my Fill in the Blanks!

1.  The best piece of advice I was ever given was     when you are trying to decide whether or not to do something, just think later on will I regret doing this, or NOT doing this. Sometimes thinking in the future helps you make up your mind  .

2.  If I had a million dollars to give to one charity I would give it to    I really have no idea, maybe Safe Shelter for Women and Children. It gives them somewhere safe to get away from domestic violence.

3.  If I got to choose my "last meal" it would be      Wow, I love food so much this is husbands toasted ravioli with spinach cream sauce, white wine, and chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert .
4.  My hair is     a wild and crazy mess this morning. I'm not even looking forward to having to brush it out    .

5.  If at first you don't succeed   take a break and come back and try again once you are refreshed   .

6.  I have always been very      a very shy person. Everyone says I'm so quiet when they first meet me but once you get to know me then I really open up.   .

7.  Oh....and by the way....      my favorite Sesame Street character when I was little was Count von Count. Who was yours???    .

Play along and link up on Lauren's Blog

Happy Friday!!


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  1. omg that came out so good, I love it!! I think I may try that out! The flowers look amazing and I love the one of her smelling the flowers too cute!! <3

  2. Both the flowers and your wreath are gorgeous! : )

  3. how pretty! i got my happy mail 10 min ago and i already ate all the chocolate! lol i love everything. i freaked out about the candle smelling like a strawberry cupcakes b/c they are my fav and i was telling clint 'where do you find cupcakes candles?!' lol you rock! ps did you receive yours yet? i ups-ed it! did i mention that the wreath is super cute? well it is! ciao!

  4. That wreath is so great! This may sound so lame, but the bow looks like a professional made it :) Any time I try to make a bow it ands up looking like it got left out in a hurriane, all droopy and sad. lol

  5. Eeeee! Your wreath is suuuuper cute. Gosh, I love spring crafts.

  6. i tagged you.