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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Purples, Pinks, and Blues

My hydrangeas have finally bloomed and man they were totally worth the wait! Yesterday I took the camera out and played around taking some pictures of them.




Purple, pink, and blue all in the same plant! I love the colors!!

I had a fun time playing around with the camera, and really like how some of the photos turned out. 

Tomorrow, I'm meeting with a guy to find out more about renting our house out while we are in Germany. I'm really nervous about the whole thing. I hope it all goes well.

Now, I'm off to do more painting tonight!! :) I'm really loving painting!


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  1. The flowers are beautiful! They look too good to be real! Keep updating~ :)

  2. Those flowers are insane! I don't think those bloom in AZ but they def should...sooo pretty!

    Good luck with the Germany preparations...I'm sure everything will go perfectly :)

  3. Catherine, I viewed all your photos while I was at the beach. They are awesome. You have an amazing talent that should be nurtured and fine-tuned so the world can see your great work. Please consider getting more training and education in photography. We all need your probing and precise "eye" to show us this beautiful world.

  4. So so so pretty! I love hydrangeas. My grandma has some blue and green ones. :) They are so awesome! Great pictures too!

  5. Gorgeous! My favorite!!! The colors are soo beautiful! : )

  6. Ok...I'm super jealous! I LOVE hydrangeas but I don't have any =(

    They are lovely! Looks like you are going to have amazing bouquets around!

  7. I love hydrangeas so much! They are so beautiful dried. Love your pictures!

    Have fun painting


  8. Wow, those photos are exquisite! ;) I'm in love with the beauty in every shot...