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Saturday, June 11, 2011

P64: Timberwolf

This week the color was Timberwolf, a light gray color. Lucky for me I found this gray in the body of this snail. 

When all stretched out like his body, or foot as it's actually called,  is 3+ inches long. His antenna are about 1 inch extra! He's a big guy. Ariana and I found 2 of them in the woods near our house, and have adopted them as temporary pets!

Is it just me, or he is just so darn cute!? We named them Sheldon (for the boy) and for the girl, Essie (like Escargot). They've been fascinating to hold and watch!

Check out more fun Timberwolf photos on the Project 64 blog!

I'll be back on Sunday with some "Sunday Confessions"! I haven't done those in a while!


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  1. What a great photo and perfect match. I love the names you gave them too.

  2. great capture-both photo and as new pet! I shared a slug with my 1st graders one time. We saw no snails. The maintenance man found the slug, and knew I shared all kinds of critters with my kids. So we kept it with us for the day. Then we put it back to his environment outdoors.

  3. Cat, that is truly awesome! We have bitty snails in our garden, but I've never seen one this large or this stretched out! Perfect color, too.

  4. My girls were fascinated look at this snail.
    It is way to dry here for them.
    What a great all the moisture and texture surrounding him.

  5. Wonderful photo and colour match! Love it, Can't stand the snail, even though I used one for a photo shoot recently! Brilliant !

  6. This is just so cool! Great color match too.

  7. They ARE so darn cute. Until they get close to my hostas! The detail in this photo is stunning.