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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Confessions

I haven't done a Sunday Confessions post in what seems like forever. I feel like it needs to be some deep, dark, dirty secrets, or something. I'm just going to wing it, so it probably won't be. If you're new to this feature, it's a fun way to learn some interesting facts about me and possibly find some cute things along the way, like my first confession this week!

1. I think VW camper vans are so cool!
I know I'm mentioned that I love these camper vans on the blog before, here and here but I think I would be able to settle for spending a night (or 2) in this cute tent! Yep, look again, that's not an actual VW van, it's a tent. How awesome is that! I totally dig it! The actual things are so much cooler, but what are you gonna do! 

2. I was on our high school color guard team.
You know the girls that wave and dance those huge flags around at the football games. It was my senior year and it was so short lived that I don't think I even have pictures of the us. It was the first year our school started it, and we practiced and practiced to make the team. I was never peppy enough or confident enough to be a cheerleader but for flag I put myself out there. Sad fact is I never actually got to finish the season. I had to give it up the summer I went to an art program at Savannah College of Art and Design. I sincerely thought I would end up going to that art college. Even thought I was accepted, I couldn't afford it, didn't get a scholarship and was terrified of the huge loans I would have when done (private school), so I didn't end up going. It would have been photography, obviously. Senior year was a bummer, no color guard and no art college. I can still remember the routine though. It was the song American Woman by Lenny Kravitz.

3. I love grilled hot dogs and I'm weird with my condiments.
Seriously, addicting. I craved them every night when I was pregnant with Ariana. When I make a hot dog, I always try to make it perfect like the picture above. I don't freak out if it gets messed up, but I always put a zig zag of mustard down the middle, and usually a line of ketchup down each side of the hot dog. It's weird, but I think it makes it taste better.

4. I've had a lot of pets. 
I'm a total animal lover. In my life I've had (and by had, I mean I technically called them mine, not my sisters, and not my family pets) 
3 dogs (Susie, Harley, Paco- even though he's more of a family pet)
9 cats (Sabrina, Monica, Tucker, Binky, Julius, Malcom, Jo-Jo, Kylie, & Ely), 
1 hamster (Chip), 
2 rabbits (Lucky & Beatrix), 
1 squirrel (Sammy), 
1 gerbil (Mikey),
1 hermit crab, and lots of fish. Not including the temporary turtles and frogs we were always housing.

5. I've actually written a children's story. 
I wrote it when I was only just a child myself, I was probably 12 or 13. It's about a leprechaun. I want to get it published one day. I would actually love to write a few more. I should. I will.

So there you have it. Five random confessions about me today. 
Do you have anything you want to confess?! :)


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