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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (11)

It's Sunday and I'm back with a fun Scavenger Hunt.

1. Windows or Doors
The window to a shed in our backyard. I liked how these three window panes are all different textured glass and our landlord actually hung lace curtains inside.

2. Eyelashes

3. Paint
Ariana using her watercolor for a project this week.

4. Leaf Veins
Did you see the ant? This is a sickly rhubarb plant. Pretty huh?!

5. Faceless Portrait
I was so excited this week when I found my owl necklace that I thought got lost in the move! 
Selfie mirror portrait.

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  1. great job! love the eyelashes so much! beautiful!

  2. Nice photos. Love the windows for the same reasons you do. The rhubarb leaves with the tiny ant is nice too.

  3. great set - the paint looks so inviting

  4. I love the old window and the colors in the leaf shot are really pretty.

  5. Your eyelashes picture is amazing! I love it! :) Great job with all of them!

  6. What a great set, Cat! I love your window shot and the paint one too ;D Lovely... as usual! LOL.

  7. Wow...these were all awesome.

    Love your window shot and you have beauiful eyes!

    Hope you have a blessed Sunday!

  8. I'm really impressed - I love your entire collection. Beautiful beautiful job.

  9. My favorites are the window and leaf veins. Such wonderful texture and color!

  10. Very cute owl the paint and window photos also!!
    Enjoy your day!!

  11. Thats a great set of pics but my eye keeps going back to your window shot - I love that so much as it brings back many memories of my grandpa's place and he had many windows like that.

    You asked about a macro lens - well I just used super macro on a point and shoot for that one. I've got a 100mm canon 2.8f macro on my wishlist.

  12. I really enjoyed your collection. The window shot is amazing! Nicely done...

  13. Great finds! I LOVE the window, and the pretty curtain too.