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Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Photo Checklist, Summer Sale (and other stuff)

I found this fun summer photo checklist. It's great to go through and get some inspiration even if you don't follow the entire list. For me, it was a great little boast for my creative juices.

If you follow my facebook fan page you probably already know I'm having an Etsy sale.

I'm closing my shop on July 4th for a month long (maybe longer) summer vacation. Before I close up shop though, I'm offering a whopping 30% off everything in the shop with the code SUMMERVACAY30. If you've had your eye on something, nows the best time to shop. I won't be having anymore discounts in my shop for a while. Think of it as a Christmas in June/July sale.

Also I wanted to share some good news. First my husband got me a new computer. I love it. I've been having to get used to switching from a PC to a Mac. So far so good.


This is a big deal! Only 20% of the people that tested for this rank got promoted, and he was one of them! I'm so super proud of him and when he came home last night and had Ariana hand me the Tech Sergeant stripes, I screamed, loudly! haha! It was a shock! 

The average time in service in the Air Force before making Tech Sergeant is usually 14 years. Rich made it in 8 years (that's how long he will have been in once he sews on) He won't actually sew on for another year, but still, how exciting! It's the hardest rank to make! So proud of my babe!

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  1. thank you so much for linking my summer photo checklist! :) loved stopping by your cute blog! Rebecca