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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Art Wall

I've been working on our art wall for a few months now and it's finally all come together. I still have a piece or two in mind that may be added later.

I got this print because I loved it so much but didn't know where I was going to put it. I discovered that the colors went great in our living room. We had dark green couches and the walls are a lovely creamy shade. The accent walls are orange - that took some getting used to.

I picked up this drawing from a street artist while we were in Paris. I finally got it back from the custom framing shop. I love it, my husband thinks it's dorky. But he's dorky and I love him, so there.

You may recognized this cloud painting - it's one of my own that I had in my shop. I loved the colors so much with this room that I had to keep it for myself. Sorry if you had your eye on it - prints are still available though.
The mossy letter M was a project I made a few months ago (tutorial link at bottom of page)
And that yellow orange family painting I won in a giveaway!

I love this  picture. I took it of a Metro sign in Paris. The color goes great with the wall and  it's perfect also since our last name starts with a "M". I just threw it in a frame I had around the house.

I made this little mixed media keys piece to represent the 3 other homes we've lived in as a family -- Texas (our first newlywed apartment that was teeny tiny!), England (our first house together, a duplex that was base housing), and Nebraska (where we purchased our first real house, oh I miss it.). I had originally planned on using copies of real keys to those places but realized that I don't have copies to some, so this is what I came up with. I kinda like the skeleton keys better.

And there you have it. Sorry I didn't get a shot with the orange accent wall.

Resource Links:
+Moss letter M shown in this tutorial
+Do What You Love print from The Wheatfield
+Family painting won in Aisle to Aloha giveaway
+Cloud painting from my Etsy Shop (prints available!)

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  1. I love how it all came together. Beautiful :D

  2. WOW! I love the whole thing!
    But I really like how you put the keys on canvas and of course your sweet cloud painting!

  3. I love this! I've been kinda sorta planning a gallery wall in my house... I just haven't been very aggressive as far as actually putting something together. Haha!

  4. Your art wall is so pretty! love it.