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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where am I really from?

This is a photograph* of my maternal grandparents.

This photo was taken in 1943 when they were 24 and 18 years old.
Willard and Nettie Uldine from Georgia. 
But before that?

Before that? That's the real question. Where am I actually from?

That's exactly what E asked last week and I'm here to answer.


But, you've seen me, I'm sure that's no shock. One look at me and I bet you guessed one of those countries.

Lately I've been doing a lot of research into my family genealogy and discovered a lot of different things. Like did you know there is a story in my family that Anne Lee, who married my great x5 grandfather Robert was Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee's sister?! The records on this have been lost over the years due to fires, floods etc, but that's the story!

I discovered that back in the 1700's there are records of three Wise sisters marrying 3 Denmark brothers. Oh to top that, from the records it looks like they were all first cousins. But that was common back then. You know keeping it all in the family and keeping the blood line "clean". Nice.

Of course my husband decided to do some researching of his own. From this we have found some pretty interesting names on both sides. For our next baby** we've picked some pretty rad names from the family history.

For Boys:









For Girls:








Favorite combo has to be Malachi Ulrich for a boy. And don't you just love how they spelled Mourning - as in grief, not like Morning - as in dawn.

I love how on both my side and Richards side there is only ONE person out of maybe 100 who actually has the records. How come nobody else knows/has that information. When talking to family we got a lot of "ask Aunt ---- she knows". We should all know. My plan is to get all this information together and make a copy for Ariana.

*I love this photo so much it's framed and sitting my living room. They are both deceased now.
**Just for the record, we are NOT pregnant and this is NOT a real baby name list. This list is for entertainment purposes only.

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  1. that is really cool I love this kind of stuff I would love to learn more about my family history but I am not sure where to even start love the names


  2. Isn’t it fun to learn where you came from? I did the same thing with baby names and genealogy, on some of the lines I ended up tracing quite far, and even met some distant relatives in my research. Love the names you found/selected!

  3. Those are fantastic Mourning. There's got to be a sad story behind that one.