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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pretty Fabric Tape {Tutorial}

I'm super excited to be sharing this fun project with y'all today*.
This is a fun tutorial for making your own fabric tape!
I just know you're going to love it!!!
Let's get started!

What you need:
fabric scraps
wax paper
matte mod podge
masking tape
paint brush
about an hour of time.

Step 1: Lay out a piece of wax paper and put strips of tap across it (sticky side down). Measure and cutt strips of fabric slightly larger than the tape. Don't worry if they aren't exact, we'll be trimming the edges later.
Step 2: Using the paintbrush and mod podge, coat each piece of tape with a thin layer of mod podge and then smooth your fabric down on top.
Step 3. WAIT! Let it dry! This was the hardest part! I think I gave mine about 30 minutes to dry.
Step 4: Turn your wax paper to the reverse side. Cut around the edges of the tape. This gets rid of the excess fabric overlapping the tape.

Ta-da you are done!

Then your tape is ready to use! The wax paper keeps your tape safe from sticking to everything until you are ready to use it! All you need to do then is peel off the wax paper from the back of the tape. 
Add a little of your pretty fabric tape to presents and packages for that extra personal touch!

Make as much tape as you have fabric and time! Such a fun and easy project!


*I shared this tutorial on another blog earlier this year but I wanted to share it here on my blog too!

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  1. Fantastic!
    I was looking for pretty tape in my hometown yesterday and could not find any - so this is perfect!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. this is really cool thanks for sharing I had to pin it :)


  3. oh my gosh that is awesome!! great idea Cat!

  4. How cool! I love the brown paper wrapping as well.

  5. Great little tutorial... I'm defo gonna try this for my Advent Swap gifts with my blog partner. Thanks for sharing. I thought I'd give u a follow too as we seem to have a lot in common. :-)
    Jennie. X

  6. Thank you so much for the tutorial :) Looks nice and easy (which is what I was looking for ;))