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Friday, September 23, 2011

Kid's Kaleidoscope Craft!

Ariana and I made this kaleidoscope for letter K week and as promised, I'm back to show you how you can make your own.

empty Pringles can, with lid (that part is important)
paints and brushes
tissue paper
glue (Elmer's and super glue)
glitter (optional)
contact paper

You will also need a nail, hammer, and scissors.

Step 1: Paint the outside of your empty can. We sponged on a few bright colors. Let the can dry while you work on the other parts.

Step 2: Tear up different colored tissue paper. In a small cup or bowl mix together some Elmer's glue, little bit of water and glitter if you opted to use it. After I created this, I realized the glitter doesn't do much, but it's still fun and the kids love shaking some in!

Step 3: On the outside of the lid, paint on the glue and layer the scraps of tissue paper. Make it messy. Finish it off with another coat of glue.

Step 4: Cut 2 small squares of contact paper (larger than your lid). Lay one sheet stick side up and layer on scraps of tissue paper. Sandwich the tissue paper between the 2 pieces of contact paper. Trace a circle with your lid and cut it out. Place the contact paper circle onto the open end of your can. Glue it on. This is where I used the super glue. Elmer's glue won't hold it and it needs to be flush to the can so that you can put the lid on later.

Step 5: Once all the paint and glue is dry you're ready to assemble your kaleidoscope. Place the lid on top of the can. This will cover the contact paper and create two layers. You should be able to twist the lid.

Step 6: Lastly, using a small nail and hammer gently tap a hold in the bottom of the can for viewing.

And now you're ready to play with your kaleidoscope!

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