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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday {2}

Another week of thankfulness. Friends, Music, Autumn.

Friday I was thankful that... Ariana and I got to go visit my friend Andrew and his wife Viky in Heidelberg for the day and spend the night. It was awesome to have some great adult conversation and get away from here for a while and have some fun.

Saturday I was thankful that... I have an awesome Mom who is willing to go phone shopping for us. I talked her through shoe shopping for Ariana at Target! 

Sunday I was thankful that... friends who have free weekend minutes and lots of time to chat. I love ya Maggie!

Monday I was thankful that...I lost 3 more pounds!

Tuesday I was thankful for... sunny Autumn walks!

Wednesday I was thankful that... even though I do complain about Germany from time to time, we're very lucky to be stationed at a nice big base. Sometimes you forget to be thankful for things you take for granted - thank you friend for opening my eyes.

Today I'm thankful for... music that speaks to your soul. The Scientist-Coldplay. I love them.

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  2. I'm on a total Coldplay kick too. Obsessing over Viva la Vida currently. Their sound is so different from what I usually like, but they're addictive!

  3. This was great! It's good to stop and be thankful for things. YAY for losing 3 lbs!!! woohoo! I can't wait to be losing instead of gaining.