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Friday, September 30, 2011

Middle Mosel Wine Festival and Heidelberg

You know how in Thankful Thursday I said how sometimes I complain about Germany but then are reminded to be thankful for the little things. Well, I decided that I should show you some of our recent adventures around Germany. We went to the Middle Mosel Wine Festival in Bernkastel-Kues before Richard left. Wine and carnival rides, what could be more fun!

Wine booths and eating brats.

Andrew and Viky. 

Lovely ferris wheel and clouds. 

View from the top. 


Rich winning at the shooting game. He shot 6 balls off streams of water with 5 shots! I was impressed!

Strange instruments. 

Also, I spent a day recently in Heidelberg with Andrew. It's such a pretty city with a river and a castle on the hillside. Here are some pretty shots of the day.

The organ in this church was amazing and HUGE. You can see someone standing in the doorway to get a reference of size. The stained glass was really pretty too. 

Strange monkey statue and if you put your head it in, you will come back again.

Gorgeous day!

A one handed guy playing mushrooms on the street!

I really do like Germany and Europe and I'm glad I've taken some opportunities recently to get out and enjoy the culture here.

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  1. the different colored buildings are so pretty! And that castle! GOODNESS! Love the monkey!
    Looks like too much fun! I would love to just go exploring there!

  2. Ahhh! I love your photos! They always make me want to visit Germany someday to see some of the sights for myself. :) Thanks for sharing!