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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Holland (part 1) North Sea

The weekend of April 20th we took a little trip to Holland to see the tulips in bloom. I'm breaking up this trip into a couple posts so its not so overwhelming. (Because I took over a THOUSAND photos. Yea.) 

Today, I'm going to share my photos of the North Sea. We stayed in The Hague, Holland. Unfortunately, we didn't see much of the actually city but we enjoyed the Boulevard, eating seafood dinner, collecting shells, and watching the sun go down over the water.

The beach was a lot nicer than we thought it would be. We were picturing rocky shores in our head. It was so nice, we stayed literally across the street from the beach, a 5 minute walk at most. Ariana of course wanted to touch the freezing cold water.

Windy hair shadows in the sand.

Loved these striped shells, we found them all over and collected them for future crafts.

It was a cold beach trip. Can you tell how cold she is?

She found a razor clam shell and that's what we had for dinner too!

There were lots of interesting statues and art.

These fish were stamp into everything. These were in the sidewalk. 

Ariana enjoyed playing on a seaside playground we found, and it made me giggle when she wanted to pose by this surfer guy with his abs. 

Then we found this cool light house. Check out the awesome door shot I got here.

We enjoyed our seafood dinner on the Boulevard as we watched the sun sink lower in the sky and then afterwards we walked along the beach and enjoyed the sunset. 

 The golden sunset was so beautiful. We defiantly want to try to take a trip back to explore more of the city.

 I'll also be posting photos from our trip to Keukenhof Gardens-were we saw all the tulips, and also our trip to the old windmill town!

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  1. Love that you are photographing the whole world. Beautiful photos.

  2. Your photographs are so beautiful!

  3. WOW! It looks so beautiful! I would love seeing all of that amazing artwork and the sunset on the sea. Amazing!