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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Confessions of a Pinterest Foodie

I've become a Pinterest  recipe addict. There I said it.
 Is there a word for that? I feel like there probably is but I'm not cool enough to know what I have become.

When I'm looking for a new recipe, I always go to Pinterest first. 
For breakfast with friends, Pinterest. 
For a birthday cake, Pinterest.
 For summer bbq ideas, Pinterest. 
I'm always adding new yums to my food love board.

Most of my trials have been good. Some were okay. A few were complete fails and we won't even go there.

But, I've found a few delicious favorites and I thought I would share them in case you were looking for some new food ideas.

Click the pictures for the recipes. Enjoy!

"Pina Coda Pops" 
These are easy and refreshing for the summer! We all loved them!

"Bloomin Onion Bread" 
Oh man, we made this as an appetizer one night and it is GOOD. 

"Creamy Coleslaw"
My first ever attempt at making coleslaw and I found this recipe. I halved it and it still made enough for us for dinner and leftovers.

"Cheesecake Fruit Dip"
Not your average fruit dip. This has kahlua in it  and it's the best fruit dip I've had. Delicious on strawberries, pineapple, and green grapes especially!

 "Blueberry Fluff Cake" 
2 ingredients - angel food cake mix and can of blueberry pie filling. Could this be any easier? Yummy too!

 "Black Bean Salad"
Black beans, fresh corn, red pepper, avocado and lime juice. I could eat just a bowl of this, it's that good. Definitely a keeper.

 "Quinoa Burgers"
Best non meat burgers I've EVER had. So delicious with yogurt sauce and we served it with the black bean salad above. This is so amazing I've already given the recipe to several friends.

 "Goat Cheese Pesto Pizza" 
I made this a few nights ago and it's now one of my favorite pizzas. Make your own simple pesto and throw on the toppings and boom. Gourmet pizza! Even our preschooler loved it!

 "Crockpot Ribs"
Finger licking good. Made these for my husbands birthday dinner and he was grinning ear to ear. These are better than any BBQ restaurant!

"Red Velvet Pancakes" 
Perfect for that lazy weekend where you sit around in your pj's and have family time. 

(Each picture is linked to it's respective blog/website. These are not my images)

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