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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You asked, I'm ANSWERING!!!

This was so much fun. I got some really fun questions. Thanks to everyone who played along. 
Here are the answers to the questions you wanted to know!


Sarah asked: What is your favorite thing to take pictures of? Excluding Ariana because we all know how much she is! :)
Well, excluding Ariana, I think my favorite thing would have to be nature. Sometimes it's amazing what you can find when you take your camera out on a walk with you! Even your own backyard turns into an adventure! Bugs, birds, flowers, leaves, mushrooms. All the beauty in nature just grabs my heart.

Scrappy Grams asked: So where are you and family based right now?
Oh yay a military question! I was wondering if one would come up! We are stationed at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. For the most part it's wonderful but learning German is very difficult. Luckily lots of Germans speak English and are really nice, especially our landlord. They like to practice their English with us.  Living in Germany has it's positive side like experiencing the German culture and of course TRAVELING!! But there are also negatives, but that's another post. Maybe next week?? :)

Scrappy Grams and Kristy both wanted to know: What was the meaning behind the title "No Wooden Spoons"? 
There have been a couple people wanting to know this question recently! I'm glad you asked! I don't like the feel of wood. This applies to toothpicks, popsicle sticks and yes wooden spoons. It gives me goosebumps and it's like nails on a chalkboard to me. Ahhhh!! When I was coming up with a name for my blog I wanted something unique and that popped in my head. I guess I could have named it "No Toothpicks" but No Wooden Spoons just sounded better :) Lindsay from Aisle to Aloha just asked this question in my recent interview over there so if you missed it, check it out!

I had a few questions about this photo I posted in my Ask Me Anything post. Here goes...

Jessica asked: How did you process this photo! I love it!
Thanks Jessica! I used  Paint Shop Pro X2. I'm too cheap for Photoshop, this came free on the laptop. Anyways, I opened my photo in Paint Shop. I edited it using Glamour Filter (found under Effects>Photo Effects>Film and Filter>Film>Glamour) Then I increased the saturation (Adjust>Saturation. I set my brightness to -10 and my saturation to 50. I basically just adjusted it until I was satisfied. I think then I added sharpness around my eyes with the sharpening tool. Oh and let's not forget a little blemish remover just to smooth out any imperfections

Brooke also had a question about this photo, she wanted to know my process for taking it?
Brooke, you are probably going to laugh. This is a self portrait, taken hand held, at arms legnth. I took it sitting in front of our glass front door for lighting. I just held the camera out (50mm) and took a picture. I took a few to get the shot I wanted. I was trying to have a relaxed, but not too relaxed (like you just woke up haha) look on my face. I couldn't see myself so that was difficult trying to get the right angle. I didn't crop this photo at all. I took it at about 2 in the afternoon. The settings are F 4.9//1/8th exposure//ISO100.

Jasmine asked: So far, what is your favorite picture/color you have taken for Project 64?
Oh what a hard choice. Every week I love this challenge more and more. I think my favorite would probably have to be my Robin's Egg Blue photo. I really love the pop of blue in this urban photo. It was one of those moments when I took my camera out for a walk around the neighborhood and glanced down and saw this color jump out at me. I'd never noticed it until that day, and it's right by our driveway! It was a happy little surprise, I think that's why it's my favorite!

Kristy asked: What kind of camera are you using? Your pics are always awesome :)
Thanks Kristy! I use a Nikon D7000. I got it for Christmas! Before that all my pictures were taken with a Canon Powershot so don't think you have to have a huge fancy camera to get nice photos. I've seen some great photos taken with camera phones. To see all my photography equipment and gadgets, check out what's in my camera bag!

Brooke asked: What holds a bigger space in your heart, painting or photography?
Wow, that's like trying to choose a favorite child. Ok, so it's not exactly the same, but it's still difficult because they both have special places in my heart. I will say that photography is my first passion. I've only been painting for about a year, but I've been in love with photography for 10 years at least! If I look back on the past few months of my blog, you can see a trend, and I have to say photography holds a bigger space. (And that's the honest truth) Whenever I find a photography blog, I'm amazed at how much time I spend purusing through old posts. I love looking at photography and seeing things through other people's viewfinder. I love the magic that a camera brings to scenes of everyday life or objects. But, I paint with passion and let my imagination flow freely. It's a toss up, but I think photography might be #1. :)

Lindsay wanted to put some of her work "out there" and she asked: How did you get your name/blog/shop out there? Any advice or tips?
Well Lindsay, it's a hard one for me because I still feel like I'm growing and learning as a blogger and Etsy shop owner. I still feel fairly new to Etsy. Blogging was easy for me. I started finding blogs I liked and started reading them and that lead me to others. I commented a lot and made a few etsy purchases from some of my favorite etsy shops which in turn lead me to blogs. I joined in linky parties and took part in giveaways. I joined swaps and pen pal groups. I just recently started looking into sponsorship to gain more attention to my etsy shop and I can see an increase in activity. It can be a lot of hard work, especially if really go for it, but in the end just remember it's suppose to be fun. 
A few tips I would have is blog about things you like, and things YOU would want to read on a blog. Don't copy other bloggers and don't follow trends unless you are really into them. Above all else, be honest, and be real. People like to read about people who are "real" :) I hope that helps. If you want more advice or info, feel free to email me at nowoodenspoons(at)gmail(dot)com.


So there you have it! I hope you have all learned a little bit more about me and I didn't bore you to death!
Thanks to all my lovely readers who played along!
If you do a Q&A post, please post your link here so I can ask YOU some questions!! :)

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  1. Nature is my fave thing to photograph too!! I loved this post! It was fun to see others ?'s and of course your answers :)

  2. love the nature photo...and the other pictures were pretty as well.

  3. Thanks for doing this! What fun it was for me to learn more about a person's blog that I admire.