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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dear Santa: (My Christmas {WISH} List)

Dear Santa,
I've been a very good girl this year! (I like to think so anyways) So, I thought I would take the time to make a list of things I would love to have. (In no particular order). *hint hint to my family and friends*

6 weeks of fun and art projects, what crafty girl wouldn't love this!


I can't decide, so you do it for me!

 Also, from Sparkles and sticks Etsy Shop. Just a cute little cuddly monster to remind me of my strength within.


Fuji Instax Mini 7S in Pink of course, with a few rolls of film just for fun!

Yes, I'm a simple girl at times!


 Some funky fun spatulas like these from Funky Muffin. I especially love this cute cupcake one!


An electric fireplace like this one from Home Depot. Sandi told me about this and since we don't have a fireplace, I think one of these would be fun to have!


A sewing machine! Since I'm a beginner I don't even know what kind I would need. I just want something to help me do my projects instead of trying to handstich everything! Lemme tell you, handstitching kitchen curtains isn't as fun as it sound. I could create all sorts of fun things with this. I've been wanting a sewing machine for a while just haven't spent the money to get one. Any sewers out there have any recommendations? (for Santa of course hehe!)

Oh yes, and Santa, I would not mind ONE BIT if your elves wanted to come and organize my craft room all cute like the one in the picture!

 A facial from Sanctuary Day Spa.

Hobby Lobby gift card would always be loved!

Or a Starbucks Gift Card so I treat myself to a fancy coffee once in a while!

And like always, some cute knee high socks, you know the kind I like!

I know, I'm asking for a lot but any one of these things would be awesome! Gotta dream big right!!


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1 comment:

  1. OH MY!! We have almost the exact same Christmas list (minus shirt, spa, fireplace and spatula) I already got all the others under the tree! How funny! (yea i pick out my own gifts lol) I got that cute heart cozy too LOL!! Hope you get everything on your list!! :)