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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Naughty List

Some people have made my naughty list, I hate to think that you might be on Santa's too, better luck next year! ("Dear letters" with a twist)

Dear "Pookie",
Are you serious right now?! You stole my phone?!? You are a dirty thief! I know you don't care or else you would have returned the phone like a NICE person would do, but I think you're a jerk! A BIG FAT JERK! Just so you know, you owe me a LG Dare, lavender silicon case, $80 (which it cost through the insurance to replace my phone), plus about 100 of my minutes back! I would like to thank you for at least not calling any crazy out of country numbers though! I hope you enjoyed my phone and enjoyed me calling you every 5 minutes until the phone died :) I guess Christmas came early for you...

Dear Fed-ex guy (name unknown),
I am sick of you leaving packages on my front porch WITHOUT even knocking. The last time you left a package, we were out of town for the week and it rained, a LOT! I had a nice soaked package full of leaves. I know you are busy but take the time to at least knock on my front door so that if I'm home and you are leaving a package, I'll know to at least check for it. Thanks and be safe and stay warm the next week before Christmas...

Dear Liar(s) (name withheld),
Don't lie, it's not pretty on you. Everyone knows you are lying, which makes you just look pathetic. Liar, liar, pants on fire! Nobody likes a liar. Hope your Christmas is merry... (if I was you, that might be a lie...)

Dear annoying neighbor kids (names withheld),
Don't throw rocks in my yard and in the direction of my car in the driveway. I know you and your friends like to goof off but rocks are dangerous and I'm going to be that mean neighbor lady if you hit my car with one. A golf ball sized rock is not something I want to see thrown around. Oh yea and don't tease my dogs and bang on the fence when they are outside, it's annoying. Maybe you're parents will get you some manners for Christmas...

Dear telemarketer lady (name unknown),
When I say that I'm not interested very nicely, please don't just hang up on me. At least I took the time to hear what you were offering before I decided I wasn't interested. I had the decency NOT to hang up in your ear, please do the same to me. "Ok, thank you, goodbye" takes an extra 2 seconds, and it's not rude. Hope you have a Merry Christmas...

Dear 12 hour shifts,
Yes, I'm sorry to say, you made the naughty list. Maybe if I don't see you as much next year, you'll be on the nice list! I hope I don't see you until 2010 at the earliest, enjoy the holiday break!

You better watch out! Santa knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake, and he knows if you've been bad or good, so you better be good, for goodness sake!

(Come back soon to see my Nice List!)


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  1. lololol I love your naughty list!!! You're the best sister ever and I miss you so much!!!

  2. ohh 12 hour shifts do suck! thankfully he has off all next week. He was on 12's last week though. no fun!! They make my naughty list too!

  3. My naughty list is way too long to blog about.