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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday!

I'm joining in the fun, and doing the fill in the blank that Kassi posted on her blog. 
She got it from Lauren, so I'm linking her too! :) 
Feel free to join in the fun, I would love to see your fill in the blanks! (link back)


1.  If I weren't a   stay at home mom            I'd love to be     a NICU nurse .

2.  When I'm super upset I  usually clean my kitchen, or talk to my husband/friends/family.

3.  My favorite thing about myself is   my green eyes          .

4.  If I found a $100 in the pocket of last winter's coat I'd spend it on   enrollment to a fun class like bellydancing or zumba    .

5.  Even though some people might consider this a flaw, I love    my freckle on the tip of my nose, I've only met a handful of people who have this and we're awesome!       .

6.  I love the way I feel    when the sun is shining and I'm alone in the car driving with the windows down and the music up, singing my heart out!        .

7.  I love my hair most when it's   cascading down my back in soft curls

Also I posted the giveaway winners in my previous blog if you haven't seen yet, go check, you might be the winners (surprise, there are 2!!)


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  1. How fun! :) And, I've been curious about those Zumba classes. My local gym has them. Maybe I should check it out!

    Have a great weekend, Cat!

  2. fun! did you link up on lauren's page... you should if you haven't!
    my husband cleans the kitchen (and the bathrooms) when he is upset (mad) too - it's the only benefit of pissing him off! ha.

    hope you have a great weekend!

  3. i'm loving reading what everyone does when they're upset, because it's making me realize that there are many of these things that i also do. i'm totally a cleaner when i'm upset...but only mad upset...not sad upset. and i only clean the kitchen...nothing else.

    glad you joined in with the fill in the blank!

    oh...and for the record....zumba is pretty much the greatest workout ever and SO much fun! if you've never gone you should try it. i go at least twice a week.

    hope you have a good weekend!