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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Operation Granny Square

Amy over at Creating Myselfcame up with a really great idea to raise money for Haiti. She is collecting granny squares and for each granny square she collects she is donating money towards Haiti. She's calling it Operation Granny Square. (I love the name btw Amy!)

This got me thinking (and crocheting). I consider myself a beginner crocheter but I decided to learn to crochet a granny square just to send to Amy. Here is my first one:

It's not done, the ends need to be sewn in but It's not too bad for a first try. I'm working on some more tonight in hopes that I can mail a stack out in the next day or two.

To read more about her Operation Granny Square, check out her blog here.


P.S. I have sent out a reminder email to everyone who signed up for my Valentine Card Swap. If you got an email from me, I have you on my list. I still need a few addresses for people who emailed me about doing it, but never sent me their address, so everyone please check your emails.

I want to thank everyone who signed up!  I'm excited to start working on my cards (I have lots of fun ideas!)

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  1. holy crap. that square is AMAZING! like, the best one i've ever seen. thank you so much. did i email you the specs yet?

  2. I am so jealous!
    I think for your first time it is amazing--well done!!!

  3. forgot to say I must have missed your Valentine swap--:(

  4. impressive!

    i love crocheting but have yet to try a granny square... how did you teach yourself? tutorial? books? i so wanna learn!

    thanks for commenting on my blog. i hope you play along next week for two things i love...around my home!

  5. im still working on making mine! been so busy this weekend with so many projects, my brain cant focus on just one thing bleh! I like the colors!