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Friday, February 19, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

I went on a mini shopping spree the other day for Ariana and got lots of cute clothes for Spring. While shopping I saw this cute face sticking up out of a sale bin! Aren't these cute little slippers!?

I couldn't resist them! Aren't they the cutest!?
It's another Fill in the Blank Friday!!! Join in the fun over on Lauren's Blog and link up!
1.  If I could  medal in an olympic event it would be     Oh I'm loving watching the Winter Olympics. I always love watching the snowboarding but I'm really into the Skiing Moguls this year, so it might have to be that!   .

2.  If I was stranded on a deserted island I'd take       Richard        my camera      &    a positive attitude, I mean if I'm going to be stranded, better make the best of it.

3.       People judging me before they get to know me        are my most irrational fear.

4.  I'd rather      stay home with my wonderful daughter   everyday,  than       be stuck in some job that I hate (no matter they pay difference)    everyday.

5.  I am     nervous about this summer. My husband is going to Texas for training for a new career field and I'm not sure what the summer holds for me, or the future for that matter. We don't know if we'll be moving again this fall or when he'll be deployed next. Ahh military life .

6.  I should really be     making a grocery list and going grocery shopping. I hate doing it on the weekends cause it gets so crowded and people are so rude but it's snowing and I have no motivation to go out in that today   .

7.  One of my favorite things in all the world is    when my husband writes me little surprise love notes. I don't have to tell him to do it which makes it more special, it's the little things :)   .

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  1. Cute panda shoes! I didnt know you like pandas now too!

    I'm actually hoping to do a panda "adoption" soon!! *eeeeek*

  2. I've always liked pandas :) I know they are cute shoes aren't they! I couldn't resist that cute little face and they were on sale sale sale!! I'm a sucker for cute things and these just grabbed me!


  3. Love the panda slippers. Wish I could see Ariana wearing them. I'll bet SHE loves them, too. You are teaching her to be just like her Mommy!

  4. Great fill in the blanks! and I love the slippers!

  5. Shaun White is AMAZING!!! but my favorite olympian is gorgeous Apolo Ohno.

    i like your answer for #2 :)

    where in Texas is he doing training? I just moved a month ago from my home in Wichita Falls, TX and miss it. If you do move to texas, I promise you'll love it!!! I'm a military brat so I know how hard it is to move around so much.

    Happy Friday!

  6. The shoes are sooooo cute ..and i found you thru FITB fridays ...have a gr8 weekend :)

  7. I agree - grocery stores + weekends = bad news!
    I love your answer to #4 - I feel the same way. I took a big cut to work part time and spend more time with my little ones (who are getting big quick).

    ps. Thank you lots and lots for all of your sweet comments, and Valentine's gift (my daughter and I ate them before I realized I should have taken pics - Oops).

  8. Hi! I love the slippers... I can't pass up a sale either, I think its in our DNA as women ;) I was searching through your blog and I saw your apron you made, super cute!!! I am hinting to my hubby for a sewing machine, I hope he picks up on it! <3 Sonja *love the cozy you made too*

  9. i really love reading your fill in the blanks-- allows me to learn so much more about you. :)
    those slippers are SOO cute!!! i want them!!

  10. i love surprise love notes. they make me so happy. hope you get your summer figured out. sounds a bit stressful, but as long as you've got your family, you'll get through it :).

    hope you had a good weekend!