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Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday Confessions & Cupcake of the week

Sorry this Sunday Confessions post is late. But, I'm here now, and ready to confess!

~Sunday Confessions~

1. I like my milk ice cold. Not refrigerator temperature, and definitely NOT with ice cubes in it. About 30 minutes before I want to drink it, I place my glass of milk in the freezer. I like the milk ice crystals that form around the top of the milk.


2. I really really hate wooden spoons! (Hence the name of my blog) I also don't like toothpicks, or pop sickle sticks or anything else wooden that is unfinished. It seriously hurts my teeth. I can't watch people eat pop sickles because I know their teeth are going to hit the wood (chill bumps). And I can't use toothpicks, or even watch people use them, even if they are on TV. Corn dogs are horrible, I have to get my husband to pull the stick out before I can eat it. Ok, that's enough, I can't talk about it anymore....yuck! I'm not even going to post a picture of this.

3. I love it when my husband cooks for me. It makes me feel special and taken care of. His food is always so yummy and all I have to do is mention that I want to try something and he'll make it for me. Friday night we had a Mexican night and he made me Chimichangas for the first time. It was better than any restaurant I've had them at. He cooks with love!

 Yummy Chimichangas and black beans...

...and margaritas of course snagged from my Project 365 Blog 

4. My favorite color is purple. Any shade of purple will do, in fact, that's the color of my nails right now!

5. I always thought it would be fun to have a pet skunk.They are just so darn cute!! I grew up in the country, and we had a baby bunny and a baby squirrel once, and our neigbors had a baby deer that they found, but I always thought a skunk would be fun. Of course I would take out their stinker so I wouldn't get sprayed!

Awwww a cute little baby!


Probably has something to do with my love of the skunk in Bambi. "You can call me Flower if you want to." Ahhhhh I love it!

And now I leave you with...

Cupcake of the week:
Chocolate Valentine Cupcake!



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  1. That mexican food looks sooooo yummy!!!!
    The wooden thing...i can stand them but I know what you mean! My teeth were hurting a bit when I was reading that, lol.

  2. oh you should post the recipe on my Tasty Tuesday it look so good! Email if you are interested

    confession I hate milk it makes me gag :0

    have a good one


  3. Yum! I love Mexican food. I could live on it, literally.

  4. Confession---My husband was the cook for almost 7 years of our life together. I hated cooking but I had to when he started working away from home a week at a time. I love cooking now! I still love when he does cook but I love to be able to cook and to enjoy it.

    I just started wearing purple!

    My mom has a mug in the freezer for her chocolate milk she loves it like you do.
    I am really liking these confessions --tfs!!

  5. That Chimichanga looks sooooooooo amazing... Your guy did a great job! Funny adversion that you have for unfinished wooden things. Very interesting! And a baby skunk without the stink would be adorable!