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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine Love

Hi Ladies! I've been a little distracted lately. I wanted to post and share my lovely Valentine's Day with y'all!

Of course I did a Valentine Swap! It was so much fun, thanks to all the people who swapped cards with me! Y'all are awesome!! I loved getting everyone of them, glittery, layered paper, cute store bought, even the cute little Valentine's that come in a package. Some special ladies surprised me with packages of Valentine goodies! Super sweet! I sent a few packages of my own out!

I decorated these plain mailboxes and made them cute for Valentine's day! I filled them with candy and small goodies! 

My sister got this one:


 I made her a little octopus, another no pattern thing I crocheted.

Maggie got this mailbox:


 Hers was filled with candies and small goodies, and I also made her this plushie owl too!

My Momma got this one:


 I had so much fun making them, and if you want to do this fun project next year, just check the $1 section at your Target right before Valentine's and they've had them there the past few years.

We got a package from my Momma and sister filled with goodies and books for all of us. Ariana got 5 books total for Valentine's this year! She loves to read, and so do we!

Oh and here are some of the cards I made, I thought I was done but then ended up making more!

I was actually sick for the weekend of Valentine's. Crappy I know, but my hubby is the BEST, and he took good care of me. We enjoyed snuggling and watching the Winter Olympics!

On actually Valentine's Day, we cooked (well he did most of the cooking) 2 amazing meals. For lunch we had one of my favorite dishes, his sauteed ravioli and creamy spinach mushroom sauce. I took a picture but can't seem to find it.
For dinner, he really outdid himself!!
 wine and candles of course!

beautiful flowers, these are so pretty!

 Escargot to start! (these aren't as bad as they look, really!)

 Filet Mignon, Butternut Squash Risotto, and sauteed Rainbow Chard!
I told you he was an awesome chef!!!

And of course I got a sweet card! (One thing not many people know about my husband is he writes the sweetest things in cards. He can really put his feeling in words!  Gets me every time!)
 I love you babe!! :)

Of course he got gifts too!

 I covered a carboard box and made it into a gift box to hold some yummies that I was making him!

 chocolate peanut butter mini cupcakes!

I also made him a card (not pictured) and put lots of love into making him this book.

 Inside there are 5 pockets and each pocket holds a tag where I listed something that I loved about him.

 One of the tags.

 Here are the pockets with the tags inside.

And of course for dessert...
 Devil's Food cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! :)

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day. 

I'm behind on some of my blogs so I want to hear how everyone spent the day. Let me know if you blogged about it so I can check it out!


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  1. The mailboxes are adorable!!! Your hubby sure cooked you up some amazing food!!! Looks like your valentines was amazing!

  2. i just about died when i saw that plush owl. omg, he's so cute. :)

    so, glad you had a good v-day!

    thanks again for the giveaway prize!! I love everything in it. i can't believe i had been living life without emilys fortune cookies...they are SO yummy!

  3. The mailboxes and the plushie owl are so cute.

    I am sending out your goodies tomorrow--so sorry its late. I feel really bad.

  4. these are so amazing and inspiring! those cupcakes look sooo yummy. and all of your cards are BEAUTIFUL!!!

    i just wanted to let you know that i added your button to my blog. it matches perfectly and i love the "peace love cupcakes"!!! :)