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Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm with Spring now!

It may not be Spring outside, but I've decided that it's going to be Spring on my blog. I told old man Winter that it was over between us. It's time for him to move on, I am with Spring now! He refuses to take no for an answer! He showed up at my house yesterday morning with SNOW! I hate to do it, but I think I need a restraining order! hehe :)

I'm feeling a bit more Springy with my new mint green spool necklace and cute button ring! Love them!! Gotta love those cute Etsy finds from Peptogirl! (sorry for the crappy phone pic)

Here are some pretty Spring inspirational pictures that I found on weheartit. Enjoy the bloggy Spring Fever!

If those don't brighten your day, I don't know what will! :)

Are you feeling Springy? What is the weather like where you are?? 


P.S. Only a few more hours before I draw the winner of my mini giveaway!!

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  1. I love this!!! I will be doing this today for my smile friday, thanks for the great idea love! ox ps I love that pic of you

  2. oh this is great because its nasty and rainy here yuck I am working on rings for my new update you need to check them out!

    have a great day


  3. Those are some GREAT images. READY FOR SPRING!

  4. ohhh i love spring! such pretty pictures!

  5. Such great pictures! Looking at them makes me feel happier!!!! It was gorgeous yesterday. Today = rainy & cloudy. Boooooo!

  6. what a pretty ring! :)
    the weather here in finland has been a bit more like spring this week. we´ve had sunshine and the snow has melted quite much. but next week it should be cooold again and more snow. buhuu!

  7. that is a super cute necklace! i want to try and make one!!

  8. Cute cute necklace!! What great pics you found. Today it was 67 out.

  9. this is just making me jealous of people that have nice weather right now because its rainy here :(