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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Girly girl! (quick craft idea)

I love having a little girl! 

As soon as I found out we were having a girl, my dreams were of pink everywhere, cute dresses and big bows! 
She wore her first hair bow (a dainty purple one) when she less than 24 hours old! Now, who knows, she may grow up to be tomboy and look back on her baby pictures and HATE that I put big bows in her head. Knowing how she is now though, I highly doubt she'll be a tomboy haha! She twirls in her skirts, loves playing with my makeup, says "ewww" when there is something dirty, and even picks out her own bows!

Her collection became quickly became quite extensive. So, when she was 2 months old,  I made this bow holder for her.

 Hand painted wooden plaque with 3 coordinating ribbons to hang bows from and personalized with her name painted on there.
With summer just around  the corner, of course she needed a few new bows to match some of her outfits!

Last month I got these in the mail!

Custom made for Ariana by a friend of the family back in Georgia!

Cute summer clippies!

Ariana wears a LOT of pigtails, so I had lots of little bows and clippies for her and wanted a cute way to display them as well. I had this wooden butterfly that Rich's Aunt had attached to a gift basket at her baby shower. It came off a while back and I didn't want to throw it away. When I was trying to come up with a cute way to display her little bows, I knew this would be perfect for the job! So, I attached a ribbon and tada, made a quick hairbow holder for all those little bows!

This was a quick and easy craft that anybody with a glue gun could make! Personally I think it turned out really cute! 

Happy Tuesday crafting!
 I still have some paintings that I need to take pictures of and blog about! 
I think y'all are going to love them!


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  1. So adorable. I love bows, but I can't keep up with them no matter how hard I try. These are terriffic though.

  2. awe too cute!!! how have you been Cat?

  3. Doll her up while you still can!!! :) My oldest is six and she wants to do it all the time on her own...some days are pretty interesting. :)