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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Color Week: Reds & Pinks

Day 1 of Color Week
Today is Reds & Pinks. 
I realized there is a lot of pink and red all around me. Especially pink, it seems that everything around me all day is pink thanks to Ariana. I could make this post be 100 pictures. I choose my favs.

Here is my color...

My favorite coffee mug.

My grandmothers old glass Avon bubble bath bottle.

Pink hangers in Ariana's closet.

Red Velvet cupcake at Starbucks...I had to have it when I saw it...

Did some shopping at Target.

Found a cool woven beach chair there.

Went grocery shopping. (cherries)

Cooked Mexican for dinner. (Chili powder)

My apron and Ariana's hoodie hanging up on the hook.

Ariana's lovey, her bunny.

Tomorrow, Oranges & Yellows.


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  1. omg that mug is amazing!! so cute.
    i love pinks and reds :)

  2. can I just tell you how much I love this idea for a challenge, you are amazing and thanks for sharing your idea, I'm loving it!!! Great day!

  3. Great pictures! Mine are here I can't wait until tomorrow - I already have some ideas.

  4. Ahhh, I am a day behind already :( I even wrote this in my planner so I wouldn't forget. Oh well, I will post my pics tomorrow. I love the one of Ariana's lovey. John has a blue one and no matter how much I wash it, it always looks pretty gnarly.

  5. That is the cutest mug ever!!! Also a big fan of the cupcake and the chili powder (It manages to find its way into most things I cook!). I really wish I would have done more pink for my post, but that would have taken up quite a bit of space. Haha.

  6. ohh that cupcake mug is soo cute <3