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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Confessions & Cupcake

I realize it's been a while FOREVER since my last Sunday Confessions/Cupcake of the Week post. I thought it was time to do another one!

1. I have a bad habit.
I have a bad habit of twisting my hair. I try not to do it all the time but I do find myself doing it when I'm watching tv or sitting at a red light or simply thinking about things. It annoys my family.

2. I heart NYC!
In my "tag you're it" survey post, I asked my tagged readers if they would rather live in NYC or LA? I would rather live in NYC!!! (I think)


I've never been to either city so I don't really know for sure but just going on instict I think I'd rather live in NYC! Something about that city just draws me to it.

3. I love my French press!
It's the best way to drink coffee! Ever since I tried it I've been hooked! I love it :)

4. I hate carrots!
I'll eat pretty much anything and I'm very open to trying new foods. Carrots however are yuck! I've tried them all different ways and nope, still don't like them. I've always tried to eat them especially when I was little because, "they are good for your eyesight". Well, I wear glasses so either they aren't that good for your eyesight or maybe they are and I'd be blinder than a bat if I didn't eating as many as I did! I avoid them whenever I can.


On the other hand I love carrot cake! Yums!!


5. Winter Vacation in an igloo!
 I would LOVE, seriously LOVE a vacation to Lapland in Sweden and stay in an ice igloo!



See the Northern Lights!


Take dog sledding lessons!


Ice sculpting, snowshoeing, skiing, reindeer rides, and hot cocoa! Sound like it would be so much fun!!
Sigh, maybe one day!


Cupcake of the Week:
Beach Cupcakes

Perfect for summer!


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  1. I think igloo hotels are really really cool (oh .. haha, yes cool x) ) and I love carrot cake as well :D

    super sweet cupcake

  2. This is a really fun idea for a weekly post! I think that Sweden vacation sounds wonderful. I'd be all over some snowmobiling :-)

    That cupcake is just darling!!!! Cupcakes are seriously the cutest things, and I've seen some really cool ones. I wish I had the motivation to try to make some like that, haha.

  3. i only know how to make coffee in a french press! lol its the best! ive been to LA and didn't take to it. i think i'd like nyc....breakfast at tiffany's...sigh

  4. I twist my hair toooooooo!!! ALL THE TIME! :)
    I have heard there is nothing better than coffee from a french press! cool cupcake.

  5. that beach cupcake is amazing!!! and man now i really want some carrot cake!
    i love nyc, never been to LA though...

  6. I live in LA, and it's definitely way over-glamourized (i don't think that's even a word haha). most of it is pretty disgusting and it's frustrating to get around cause you can't walk anywhere safely really. NYC is way better :)

    Cupcake is extra extra cute!

  7. LA ain't all it's cracked up to be. I live here. NYC is way cooler.

    French press isn't as scary as it looks. It tastes wayyy better!

  8. I LOVE this post!!! so cute and so fun!