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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

6 years ago something wonderful happened

Our wedding anniversary is July 10, 2004

Since I was busy with the move that day I'm posting this a few days late. This anniversary was hard since we were apart. It was the first anniversary we've spent apart in 6 years.

Six years ago I married my soulmate. He is my best friend. I couldn't have created a better person for me if I tried. I'm so glad I found you to share this adventure called life with! I love you muffin!

Our wedding was a whirlwind. We got engaged the year before (March 2003) but then he joined the Air Force and suddenly we had orders to England. The wedding (that was being planned for October) got pushed up so that I could be put on his orders in time. We actually had 2 weddings (I'm a lucky girl!) But this was when I drove to Texas and we got married at Wichita Falls. He was in tech school being trained. I was 19, and he was 20.

the beginning

I'm so thankful for my Momma, Mark (our friend who was also in AF tech school at the time) and family friend Lori who where all able to be there to share the day with us.

They made it really special. We got married in front of the falls. I got the most beautiful stargazers lilies as my flowers and we had cake and everything! It was the most beautiful day!

Here are a few pictures I had on my laptop from anniversaries past. 
I didn't have our 1st or 2nd on the laptop so I couldn't post pictures of them :(


 Above: Our 3rd anniversary. We spent a week in Greece! I wish we could go back, it was so relaxing there and the beaches were GORGEOUS!!

Above: Our 4th Anniversary I was pregnant and we went out to eat at the Melting Pot (sooo yum!)


Above: Our 5th anniversary (last year) He took me out to a really nice French restaurant (we love escargot) and made me heart shaped blueberry pancakes for breakfast!

I missed those heart shaped pancakes this year. They were so good!

My husband is seriously the sweetest guy you could ever meet. He had a card waiting for me when I got to my moms. One of the lines he wrote in it was "I look forward to the day when we can't remember not being together". I don't want to share it all because it's too personal but I just thought it was so sweet!

I love you babe! I can't wait to be in your arms again and kiss you times a million!
 I'm counting the days!

All my love, 

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  1. We have had some great times. I love you babe.

  2. That line from the card made me tear up. What a sweet man.

  3. Congratulations! Greece looks like it was gorgeous... and you two are such a cute couple!!!

  4. Congrats!! Man I just love a man in uniform!! heehee

    You guys looked fab on your wedding.

  5. BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, how gorgeous of a bride were you!? I love to see such happy married me so much hope for my own future marriage :)


  6. awww~ that's just so sweet! I'm sure you're almost(if not already) at the day when you can't remember not being together. :)