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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Confessions

Purple gray yellow

1. COLOR COMBO. I just created my first ever Polyvore! I currently am in love with yellow and gray with a splash of purple. I wish I could do our guest bedroom in these colors. I want to redo my entire house. Too bad I change my mind about what colors I like. LOVING this color combo right now though. It's actually the inspiration for my newest painting I'm working on.

2. STUDIO. I have a nice area upstairs to be my studio, yet for some reason I'm drawn to the guest room. I've now moved most of my paints and sewing supplies down into the guest room. Miscellaneous craft materials and blank canvases are being stored upstairs. This drives my husband crazy. I'm all over the place! My studio/guest room is a complete wreck by the way. I should go clean up.

3. TRAVEL. Rich has a 4 day weekend. We were going to take a little vacation this weekend but Ariana is sick with a cold, so we stayed home. Berlin would have been nice maybe.

4. WINNER. My Carnation Pink photo was chosen as a weekly favorite on Project 64. Yay me!! This is such a fun project. I'm looking into becoming a sponsor over there so if you're a monthly winner, you can get some free goodies from me!

5. NERD ALERT. My husband and I love to play hangman. We usually always play on the weekends during lunch. We've been singing the Alphabet with Ariana a lot lately. Well, mostly we've been singing and she's been listening, but that's been paying off because today when Richard guessed the letter "L" during our hangman game, Ariana said "L...M N O P.....Q R S.....T U V.....W X Y & Z" We were TOTALLY SHOCKED!!! Hurray Ariana!

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1 comment:

  1. I love Polyvore...spent all morning on it today making a post for this week :)