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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend Good Eats

It's no joke when I say I love fondue! I've only had it twice. (Three times now) The first time was when we lived in Omaha and Richard took me out for our 5th anniversary (October 2008) and I was HUGELY pregnant with our daughter.

The second time was for my 26th birthday this past August, and I spent it with my family in Savannah, while my husband was training in Texas.

The Melting Pot.
Probably my favorite restaurant, and I've only been there twice!
That place is just so dang expensive!

Soooo, I was ecstatic when my Momma sent us a fondue pot for Christmas this year!
We could make our own fondue at home!!

This weekend we got around to opening it, finding a recipe that sounded good (didn't they all) and gathering the necessary ingredients (this required a trip to Globus, our favorite German store to get fancy cheese).

My hubby mixing in the cheeses.

We used this German beer and cheddar recipe from Rachel Ray and lemme tell you, it was so good stuff!

A loaf of crusty brown bread, we have no idea what kind it was, it was all in German.

Slicing up brats.

We served it with slices of Honey Crunch apples, brown bread, brats, and German beer of course! It was a really yummy dinner, even Ariana enjoyed feeding us the fondued apples. She's a total cheese lover, so it surprised us when she didn't seem all that impressed with dipping her food in the cheese.

And, I can't forget my favorite day of the week! Pancake Sunday! Every weekend my husband gets up with Ariana and lets me sleep in. They go downstairs and whip up a batch of delicious pancakes. Every week, it's something different. This week we had blueberries and cool whip on our pancakes. When everything is ready, Ariana sneaks back upstairs into our room and I hear "Get up Mommy, the pancakes are ready, the pancakes are ready! Come on, follow me!" Sometimes she asks me "You want chocolate milk?" That's HER favorite thing to have with her pancakes.

Yep, it was a good weekend. Oh except for the fact that we went to Ikea looking for her a new bed and all the fabulous show rooms made me wish I could give my house a total makeover. Oh well.

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  1. YAY! I fixed my stoopid computer!

    Oooh, fondue! That looks soooo good! And the pancakes look even better! Now I'm hungry! :O)

  2. Thanks for the link to the fondue. We got two fondue pots as wedding gifts (nearly 40 years ago now) and I haven't made fondue in years. I've printed the recipe and we'll be enjoying this on Sunday night. Looks wonderful!