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Friday, February 11, 2011

Creep Magnet

Creep: (noun) a perverted or annoying person that is able to create a sensation of uneasiness or disgust to the people around them.

Creep Magnet: (noun) a person who possesses the extraordinary ability to attract creeps. 
ie: ME

Has anyone else been asked by a random stranger to marry them in the parking lot of a gas station??? No, just me then. Alrighty. Good times.

Yes, that is a true story. I was in college and a guy randomly tells me he loves me, standing outside a gas station. I just stare at him, shocked at what I just heard, and then he says, with a totally serious look on his face....will you marry me? 
Umm, no! Weirdo!

I guess I'll call him Creep 1.
Here are some stories of other creeps I've encountered.

Creep 2: Walking my dogs around the neighborhood, and a creepy guy sitting on his steps calls out to me. "Hey hottie", or something to that effect. After he asked me for my number, which I denied him, and asked if I wanted to "hang", at which point I started walking faster, I informed him I was married. Yet, that didn't stop him. This occurred several times over the course of a few months. He would always hit on me if he was out the same time as me. Once, he even started walking down the street behind me. After that, I started taking a different route, but I wasn't happy about it. I should be able to walk around my own neighborhood if I want to!

Creep 3: Walking through the Wal-Mart freezer section and a guy stops me to tell me that I was the most beautiful woman he's seen. He can't even focus on getting picking his frozen pizza because he's just staring me down. Ok then.

Creep 4: The most recent, and possibly the most creepy creep. Back-story: Our house had a leak in the roof a few weeks ago, and since the snow has melted and the weather has been nice, a crew has been coming to our house to work on it the past few days. It's 3 guys and usually they are around the back side of the house were I can't really see them. I see them walk past the living room windows to from to time getting supplies. And I hear them cutting wood and hammering and such throughout the morning. No big deal. Yesterday, I'm going about my normal day to day things, and doing some cleaning. I'm moping the kitchen and I look over out of the corner of my eye at the glass door in the kitchen. There, I see one of the guys standing by the door just staring at me. Looking in the window. Watching me moping. Not working. Not anywhere near supplies. I stopped mopping and look him dead in the eye. Luckily he decided it was time to move on. CREEPY!!!!!

What is it that attracts the creeps?
Am I the only one or do other people have weird things happen like this too?
Seriously, what possess people!?!

If you have some creepy stories, please PLEASE share them!!

(disclosure: the definitions at the top of this post are made up and all in good fun!)

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  1. It's been eons ago, but I had one incident. The guy asked me to go on a date with him. I told him I was engaged. He replied, "So?" And this was in 1958! :D

  2. I was getting off the city bus once and this creepy older fella started talking to me about some random thing. He asked me if I lived around there, I told him no I was visiting a friend. (which was a lie, like I want him knowing where I live!) He said that if I didn't have a place to stay I could come live with him. SERIOUSLY CREEPER. I'm left wondering how often that works for him, just asking random ladies to come live with him... I'm glad we've moved to a *slightly* better part of town.

  3. Haha I had a wal-mart incident last night. Dressed in sweats and JUST left the gym. 50+ yr old dude stares at me while I am picking out a Valentine's card of ALL THINGS. He moved on, but had the nerve to come back and start talking to me. I could see where the conversation was going so I went ahead and threw in that I had a boyfriend. So then he said "I guess taking you to the movies is out then?" I said yes I thought the boyfriend might et jealous... and HE GETS HOPE FROM THAT... He say "oh the boyfriend would be jealous, how would you feel about it?" WTF? Really? I told him I was happy and not looking for a change right now but to have a good evening.

  4. Well gorgeous...that's the price you pay for being so dang HOT HOT HOT!!! All my boys think so too!!!

    One of my friends boy toys was "creepy" and said he would have dumped her for me. Does that count? He had missing teeth, oily hair, and nasty clothes. So dirty and creepy. Yuck!!!