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Friday, February 25, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

Today is Fill in The Blank Friday! I haven't joined in this fun in a while. I decided I would today! 
Fun Fun!! If you want to too, go link up here.

1.   I am currently obsessed with      PINWHEELS. I love them! They remind me of fun and childhood and summer. If I had another baby right now, I would totally decorate the nursery in pinwheels!

2.  Today I am    happy but irritated      because,    happy because the commissary had butternut squash (finally) and irritated because I keep feeling like I need to sneeze but then it never happens. I hate that, so annoying.

3.  The age I am is    26     and the age I feel is   19 haha, half the time I still feel so young and like we are newlyweds. It's hard to believe I'm even 26, but I am :)

4.  My favorite place is     snuggling in bed with my family on the weekends, OR maybe on an airplane on our way somewhere fun. I love the excitement right before a vacation!

5.  Something I have been procrastinating is     finding a place for the few boxes of stuff we don't have room for. Living in a house with no closets is challenging .

6.  The last thing I purchased was        ice cream with Desiree and the girls   .

7.  The thing I love most about my home is  I'm not going to lie, it's my HUGE kitchen. I always felt so cramped in our last kitchen (as much as I adored our little house) This kitchen is like 4 times the size and it's great because Ariana can play in there while we cook.


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  1. I agree that pinwheels are adorable! There was another blogger who got married recently, and she used pinwheels to give her guest at her wedding. It was so cute!

  2. I'd forgotten how much I loved pinwheels! Thanks for reminding me.

  3. OH oh oh, pinwheels.. such a lovely thing! I am here from your lovely comment you posted on my blog. Thank you. Nice to meet you, and I hope to see you again! Im amber @ Social butterfly

  4. Ugh I hate it when I have to sneeze but it never comes, so annoying! Im 28 and still feel 19 too, I wonder if it ever goes away? Also, ice cream sounds SO good right now.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I loved reading your fill in the blanks. Oh to be 26 again. I am turning 32 in June and not too terribly excited about that. :) Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Thank you for offering to be a support... I do know that you understand the whole deployment thing. I had my first deployment nightmare last night that I got the dreaded letter. Scared me so bad. I know that subconsciously I am really scared of Dave deploying, but I don't feel overwhelmed yet. Anyway. Thank you.

  6. I've seen some very cute pinwheel mobiles around lately!

  7. i LOVE your pinwheel painting!