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Sunday, April 10, 2011

P64: Burnt Sienna

This week for Project 64, Brooke challenged us to have our photo for the week but a diptych (2 related photos that make up one). For Burnt Sienna I choose some old rusty metal on a shed out back.

When you color lightly and press down hard with this crayon you get this array of colors. I thought the rust captured it well, plus I find rust interesting so that was fun too!

I wonder, what is Sienna anyways?? I saw that there is also a Raw Sienna crayon in the box

Check out other Burnt Sienna colors on the P64 blog by clicking the photo below.


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  1. I love this photo project! Great choice for tge color. Great pictures.

  2. Cat, I love your shot!

    I have a shot of rust in my camera! I was undecided and finally decided to use the one of the pollen.

    Love your eye to capture.

    Great job as always!

  3. I love your rusty capture. You're smarter than me....I didn't notice the other sienna...and awhile ago I stopped wondering about all these color names. I mean-yellow/green green/yellow? Whose to say?
    I have a color pencil set with Sienna Brown and find it great for making brown hair. That's as much as I know.
    Have a great day Cat.

  4. Nice take on burnt sienna and great pairing for the dippy! I love rust and grunge, thanks for linking up and your continued participation at project 64!

    BTW, your pics are very fitting for the definition of sienna!

    : an earthy substance containing oxides of iron and usually of manganese that is brownish yellow when raw and orange red or reddish brown when burnt and is used as a pigment

  5. Nicely done, the rust is a perfect match! I love the rusty nail shot.

  6. Both photos are lovely...I am so drawn to the one on the right witht the faded blue paint. Love it!

  7. Burnt Sienna, a fancy way to describe rust. Yes, that about sums it up! Sienna is actually a type of clay that's made up of an iron oxide. It's one of the oldest colors used in oil painting. Burnt sienna is chemically made from raw sienna. Clear as clay?

  8. Great find of a subject to work with it. Looks like abstract at first glance.

  9. Here's to rust! I loved reading Brooke's definition. Great captures.

  10. Thanks for all the sweet comments!
    Brooke, thanks for the definition! Who knew!?! lol!!

  11. Great photo! Love yours, as always!
    Kendall @ P64