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Monday, May 23, 2011

P64: Asparagus

Well I just have to say that Asparagus was a difficult color to match. Everything I seemed to come up with was too "green" or "olive". This was my first really frustrating week. In the end, I settled on this photo. It's a field of tall crops near a walking path right outside the next village. I think the stalks match asparagus better than the tops, but they are very interesting to look at too.

I linked up here with the other P64 photos:

This week, the hunt is on for Yellow Orange and I'll be hunting it in ITALY!! I know, I know, first Paris, now this, you can hate me later! In case you missed it, sign up to be a pen pal of mine by checking out this blog! If I get your address in time, you may be getting a postcard soon!

Even though I'll be on vacation I've still got some fun posts planned and of course when I get back more travel pictures! YAY!!

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  1. Beautiful photo! I think greens are one of the hardest colors to match. Have fun in Italy! :)

  2. Gorgeous, Cat! So simple and yet so beautiful!

  3. Cat! just wow...I love this one!
    so simple and beautiful!

  4. Love nature, you can't beat it for color!

  5. Gorgeous find!!! (as usual)

  6. Love this photo! Beautiful!

    You'll have great shots in Italy. As soon as I saw this week's color, I thought of this beautiful church that was near our hotel when we were in Rome a couple of summers ago!


  7. beautiful! love the textures! :0)

  8. Awesome!!! Love it!!! I can't stop staring from it. It seems to bring me some calm thoughts.

  9. Absolutely LOVE this picture. Great job.

  10. I just stumbled on Project 64 this week and I think I"m in! I loved your choice and now I read that you've been to Paris. Well I'm a daily photo blogger for my city but also have a Paris blog. I'm hopelessly in love! :)

  11. you found a perfect color match and your photo is gorgeous!
    sounds like you are on a similar trip to what we did last summer...first we were in Rome for about 5 days and then journeyed to Paris for another 5. It was an amazing trip! Enjoy!!

  12. This photo is simply beautiful, there is so much movement in it. I agree with you about finding the right shade of green, so many I looked at ere just not 'asparagus'. It was fun trying though.