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Friday, July 1, 2011

July Goals

Does it seem like time moves so much faster the older we get? Does anybody else remember when 10 extra minutes playing felt like a huge reward? Now, we'd be wishing we could have a few extra hours each day. Phesh, 10 minutes. Make mine an extra month a year! Seriously, we're already half way through 2011. I hope the deployment time goes this fast!

June goals were a success! 
Here's my list for this past month:

1. Have a giveaway on my blog. DONE!
2. Get to know my pen pals better! DONE! Everyone should have gotten or will get some mail!
3. Letters with Ariana. DONE! LOVING THIS! We learned about D, S, X and B ....we're working on letter I this week.
4. Read 2 new books. DONE! Although I don't recommend Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. Eat, Pray, Love- I adored, but this book is a slower read, at least for me anyways.
5. Share 2 new recipes! DONE! This month I was all about pasta with my summer pasta salad and german dish- cheese and onion spaetzle.

July will be a busy month. I'm going to be spending most of it visiting the states, so it's harder to plan my goals since I'll be winging it along the way. My goals this month are going to be focused on family time and doing things I can't do while living here in Germany. 

Here are my goals for July:

1. Go on a date night (or 2 or 3) with my husband before he deploys. This should be easy since we'll be staying with my mom and sister ie free babysitters!
2. Spend lots of time with my sister and do sister things like get a pedicure together!
(same goes for my Mom)
3. Try my best to see my friends Maggie, Nancy and possibly Marie (who live in SC, GA, and AR)
4. Enjoy the little things I miss while living overseas: mall shopping, air conditioning, beaches nearby, Momma's cooking!
5. Shed 5-10 pounds and purchase a new bathing suit!

I'll be continuing my alphabet fun with Ariana and hopefully while we're in Florida she'll be taking part in a summer camp preschool program a few mornings a week. I'm working on getting her enrolled!

I'm also hoping to read a few more good books (preferably by the beach or pool) and also I've got a few summery (is that a word?) recipes planned to share on the blog in the next week or so! I've been creating in the kitchen again! I don't think my husband minds being my taste tester! :)

Got goals? Share them with me and let's cheer each other on!


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  1. love your determination, Cat! Now, I need to sit alone and make goals. I haven't done that since I had to make annual goals, both academic and spiritual, when I was teaching. Push me will you, Cat? It makes sense.