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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy faces and Happy Mail

I love these cute little faces! These are my boys! My babies before I had my baby. They still get spoiled, but not as much as before Ariana came along.

Harley Emmett: Born May 23, 2000. Boston Terrier
My baby! 
Also know as: Har-bear, Tinky Nub, Boy bear
Likes: giving smothering us all in kisses (he will hold you down if you are on the ground! He's a huge lover) Loves going for rides in the car, getting any kind of food or snack, chasing balls around, sunbathing. 
Dislikes: if you are mad at him, he pouts

Paco Bandito: Born April 1, 2001. Chihuahua
Adopted from my sister
Also know as: Brown, Paco Bell, P-bell
Likes: bossing Harley around, being carried around like a baby, playing with is stuffed giraffe (neckie)
Dislikes: our cats, being cold, snow or rain, or wind LOL

Those are my puppies! My cats will have to be for another post :)


The weather is finally warming up around here so we've been going outside in the afternoons and getting some beautiful sunshine.
Of course no good thing goes unpunished...
I've been getting the most horrible allergy headaches for the past week.
I haven't even bet outside yet today and my head is KILLING me!
Spring hates me!


I got the best package from Kiki. She is the greatest, I'm so glad I met her!!

She's been sending me the cutest, sweetest cards, and then this awesome package of goodies!! I love it all!

Isn't this a great print!

I'm in LOVE with the yarn and beautiful fabric she sent! It inspires me so much!

I'm glad that we have become good friends and we've decided to stay in touch as pen pals!

I've had such a good time reading through some new cute blogs. I've meet lots of new people through Janel's Craft Swap. I'm excited to get to know you all better! If you already know what you are making and would love to share I would love to know. I've made one of my crafts (it's a secret) but now I'm thinking of changing my mind (eeekkk!) I don't know what to make, I want to make something cute! What I made is cute, but I always second guess myself! I would love to know what you are making!

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  1. look at that face! LOVE :)

    and what a great batch of goodies! (kit kat and that print? LOVELY!) i love getting to know someone better through the good old fasioned post (and blog posts of course!) i'm excited to see your secret craft.

  2. paco bell!!
    ha ha i just burst out laughing. he's cute!
    bummer i'm now wishing that i had joined the craft swap-erooo, but i know i wouldn't have the time to make 30 of something lovely. perhaps the next one - i'm sure i'll be jealous of the packages you get in the end!

  3. oh I love your babies! No I have not figured out what I am making yet feeling a little nervous lol!

    have a great day!


  4. your pups are cute! i'm glad you liked your happy mail! yay for pen pals! i bet your craft swap item is super cute!

  5. Cute pups!!
    Go with your gut on the craft!! I am sure what you made is awesome and I can't wait to have one!!! ;0) I second guess myself all the time. It is no fun. Just go with it and make it with all your heart and it will be loved!!! When I find out for sure what I am making I will let you know. I am filling in for Amber's granny square swap. I just found out Sunday so I am crocheting like crazy right now. I am going to see her Saturday and hope to have them all done. Then I will start on Janel's swap. Have a great one!!!
    Oh and I love your Happy Mail!!! Cute stuff!! I hope to join next month. I missed out on April.

  6. I haven't decided what I'm making yet! I need to figure out that out! asap!!! haha!
    I can't wait to see what everybody makes! So fun!

  7. Omg what cuties!! They are just precious :) And more happy mail?! Jealous!!

  8. Hi Cat
    thanks for popping in to my blog to say hello. Hello! I would love to get to know you. And make whatever craft you feel like, the fact that its handmade and you thought of us all making whilst making them is just so special :))
    Have a great day

  9. such adorable photos!! omg lucky what a great package <33

  10. Awesome happy mail! I just got mine the other day =) It's so fun to get stuff in the mail!

  11. Such adorable puppies! I want a French Bulldog so bad but have horrible pet allergies :-/

  12. aww, I love doggies...
    btw, I got your letter today! :)
    xoxo, Katie

  13. Loving the dog profiles. Too funny! Can't wait to meet your cats.
    And I am in the craft swap and I am still not sure either what I am making but i need to decide soon!