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Monday, October 18, 2010

Holy Moley...

It's mid October already?! Wait, what??!!

We've been exploring the base and surrounding towns. There are a lot of little villages here! It's always fun to explore your new environment and see what there is around. We've already met 3 people who moved here within the past 6 months from Offutt! Driving around Germany gets really confusing really fast. Thank God for our GPS!

Being on base (especially overseas) can mean you don't get a great selection or variety of items. There are a few things that can't be found on base here. This means either trying to find it off base and paying the exchange rate, or ordering it offline, which can sometimes take weeks AND (the worst part) a LOT of things can't/won't be shipped to APO boxes. Bummer.

We went to check out the base craft store last week and I was stunned to see that they were SERIOUSLY lacking in that department. It doesn't help that I had become completely spoiled to the local Hobby Lobby which was probably bigger than our Wal-mart. Ok, I might be exaggerating  a little bit, but the craft store on base is worse than the craft section at a dollar store...maybe. So, I was completely happy when I found some yummy fall colored yarn for only 1 Euro each at a German store!

I'm not completely sure what I want to use them for yet, but I love them! They remind me of pumpkin pie!

If you're looking for a yummy pumpkiny recipe, you should check out the cupcakes Amy posted in this blog. I used Spice Cake instead of Carrot because that's what I had, but I still loved the way they turned out, and they are super simple to make! All you need is box cake mix and pumpkin.

My girlie was really getting into helping Mommy bake! She's a mini me!

The other day I was happy to find a package in our mailbox. I got my swap gift from Carrie's Fall Swap. Thanks Debbie, I loved everything and can't wait to scrapbook all the Fall fun! Oh and YES those are Halloween band aids!! :)

I've also got a little bit of Halloween goodies to give Ariana. That super cute Halloween bag is from our family friend Nancy. She loves Ariana to pieces! When we left GA, she gave this to us to give Ariana later. I also snagged a witch hat, and felt cat mask for $1 each at Target. (I love bargains!) The book we bought at the bookstore here on base. She's going to love all this. I'm looking forward to giving it to her when she gets up from her nap.

I've been having a hard time keeping up with all that has been going on in well...the past few months actually. This week you might see a few random posts of things that I forgot or was too busy to post about!


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  1. Well. If I get shipped to Germany, I will know what to expect with that. Maybe I should stock up on yarn before hand! ha. IF I go overseas.

    LOVE that you made the cupcakes! They are so yum. I have used a spice cake before too! Equally delish, but I prefer the carrot cake. :)
    I am so excited for Halloween

  2. Ariana is such a pretty name!

    And yayyyy, we now have something to make at my next mama group. Pumpkin Spice muffins! EXCITED!

    They just built the first Hobby Lobby in my town. I've never been there before.

  3. Amy - I'm excited to see where y'all move to!

    Bonnie - They are so yum! You should check out the Hobby Lobby, I love that place! They always have TONS of Christmas/holiday decorations too!