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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Confessions are BACK!!!

That's right, I'm bringing Sunday Confessions back!!

This used to be a regular post on my blog, but I got burnt out on it. For the rest of 2010 I hope to continue my Sunday Confessions posts. That's 10 more editions of Sunday Confessions (or 50 quirks, likes, and dislikes about yours truly). 

1. I used to collect pigs. 
Not real pigs, although I've always wanted one!
It started with Piglet (and I'm not even really a Winnie the Pooh fan) and went from there. In 7th grade I cried because we had to read a book call "A Day No Pigs Would Die". Mostly it was figurines but I had some funky things like a pig roll the pig (like dice) game!

 I don't collect them anymore, but I still find them irresistibly cute!

2. I know I've mentioned it before on my blog, but I would L-O-V-E to own one of these (VW camper vans) 
I would totally name mine and crochet a granny square blanket and sew some cute pillows to throw in there for snuggling. I would drive it all around Germany, France, Italy and anywhere else I wanted to travel. It would be a dream vacation!

3. I love me some sushi! 
I could probably eat it every day! If only I had money to eat out everyday...or a good sushi place around here for that matter. We haven't found one yet.

4. Clawfoot bathtub.
I want one.  
I love taking my book and having a good soak in some luxurious bubbles. A glass of wine is nice too. It's my best thinking place. It's my quick stress reliever.

5. Kai Lan.
She has stolen my heart!
I love her show, Ni hao, Kai Lan. I don't like many kids shows (they're not like they used to be) but, I watch this with Ariana!

I love coming up with things to confess, but sometimes it can be trying.

If there is anything you want to know about me, post it as a comment and maybe you'll see it in a later edition of Sunday Confessions!

I'm off to a birthday party, whoo hoo for making new friends!!!


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  1. I love sushi too. And Clawfoot bathtubs are so cool. I hate taking baths. I am a shower girl. So I don't know if I would ever use it, but I do like them!

  2. I'd kill for a claw foot bathtub. I LOVE reading in a bubble bath, especially with wine. It is SO relaxing.

    And that picture of those little pigs? SO cute!!

  3. Brilliant idea! And I have always wanted a clawfoot bathtub! They are so ridiculously awesome.

    Have fun at your party! New friends are the best.